Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday at home

This is what I looked outside today and saw - when he was suppose to be repacking the "basement" - does it look like he's working to you? Me either. Oh well, I guess it will get done sooner or later - but at this rate it will definitely be later.

Today was a quiet day at home - I gave the dogs a bath (not that they needed it - HA!) and I cleaned the house some. That was about it - I did do some research on the Internet and emailed some -people to get our schedule straight for the next couple of months. I am still trying to get something lined up in Georgia for the months of March and April - the first two places that we have applied to say they don't have any openings even though it shows on the state web site that they do. Oh well, I ended up applying for about four different parks that are close to Atlanta - we'll see what happens.

I did make reservations at a state park in New York that is close to Niagara Falls so we will be able to meet our friends from Florida in October - then I also changed our doctor's appointments in Dowling Park and our reservations at the RV park there as well - I knew that we could not keep the appointments in November due to working so we did change them to the end of October. Looks like we will be in Atlanta the weekend of Oct. 19th then we'll go on down to Dowling Park for a couple of weeks for doctors - then we will go down to Lakeland for a day or two before heading to Highlands Hammock on Friday the 30th - getting ready to start at our new job on November 1st.

If I could just get the stuff lined up in Georgia for the spring I would be happier - but it will work itself out.

I need to address a question that was raised about our truck - no it is not "new" - it is a 2008, and we bought it used. We are pretty sure that it was used by a rancher due to the hitch in the truck bed. Anyway, it is over a year old and has been used so it is not unusual for things to happen. We just hope that nothing else will go wrong in the next few months.

Well, I really don't have anything else to report - I'm going to go watch some football - I think the rain delay in Tampa is over. I'll talk with you tomorrow.

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  1. So good to hear you have your truck - and sort of packing and getting ready for the road. Rain - we are having a good amount - however, better rain than a hurricane. Which state park in New York?? We stayed at one some years ago with wonderful small bass fishing. We really have appreciated the wonderful photos that you have included. Hope you are having a wonderful last week or so. N/C


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