Friday, July 31, 2009


Okay - this post should have been posted yesterday, but for some reason it would not go through - so I'm posting it today. I really don't have much else to report - it was a pretty good day at the cabin - not real busy, but steady. Before I sign off - Dana and Mark - Happy Anniversary!!!! Take care all, and we'll talk to you tomorrow!

Friday's Post:

Well, Dan couldn't wait until next week and we went to the Mountain Man Rendezvous today before we did the laundry. What a disappointment!!! I guess we were expecting something big and fantastic - I mean, here we are in the area that had these types of meetings all the time. What did we find?? Well, there were about eight tents set up and that was it, and all of them were "selling" the same stuff - rabbit fur and a couple of beaver furs. Oh, and beads - lots and lots of beads. Why???? Even I was disappointed. I think Dan was expecting something like we have gone to in Florida - you know, really big and very realistic with people who actually looked and presented themselves as mountain men. When we have been to the one in Florida the reenactors have to be dressed in authentic costumes and all their equipment has to be authentic. These people today wouldn't have known what that meant if it bet them in the, well you know where. Anyway, to say we were disappointed would be an understatement, but we will learn that not everything is what it is advertised to be. Oh well, such is life!

When we left there we went to the laundry mat - laundry was pretty easy to do today - we really didn't have that much this week for some reason - don't understand that. We did have three loads but none of the loads were big ones. It did take us longer to do the laundry this time though because the load with the whites was off balanced - so the washer quit. We didn't know that until we got up to put the clothes in the dryer - well, to make a long story short - while the whites were washing the other clothes were drying and then we had to wait for the whites to dry. Anyway, it just wasn't a good day for rendezvous or laundry.

I don't have a lot to report - so I'll sign off for tonight - BTW Melissa and Crystal, wish your Dad a Happy Birthday from Dan and I! Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes you're the dog and sometimes you're the fireplug. Sounds like you had a fireplug kind of day. I still enjoyed reading about it though. Things don't always go the way you would like for it to, but you make your own fun. Did you take a good book to read?

  2. Thanks...we have been celebrating all weekend! Yesterday we took the girls to breakfast, tonight Mark and I went over to Hard Rock Casino to eat dinner (got $10 off our bill for signing up to get Player's Club cards)! Tomorrow we are taking the girls to the Movies (I have a gift certificate) Family Fun on a budget and coupons! Love ya'll!


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