Sunday, August 30, 2009

I got "snorted" at!!!

Well, something happened to me today that has not happened all summer - a gentleman came in the cabin and told us that there was a cow moose and her calf down in the spring. I looked at Dan and he told me to go and take some pictures, but be careful. So, I head down to the spring looking at the water the entire time thinking that the moose will be down in the water feeding. When all of a sudden the calf and the momma jump out in front of me and run into the woods right about the place we normally park the truck.

Well, I get a quick shot of momma as she is crossing the road. As I am watching them - she stops and turns around and looks at me - now baby is further back in the woods but I can still see him - I decide I will walk out on the gravel road and take some more pictures - Momma decides she does not want me to take pictures of her baby and she turns around and snorts at me - let me tell you that I decide that she is the boss and I will leave them alone. I tell momma "Okay, Okay - I'm leaving" and that's what I did -I told you I'm not stupid and if a momma moose turns around and snorts at you - you leave her and her baby alone! (I actually have the pictures backwards - this should be the first picture and the top picture is the one I took just before she snorted at me - oh well!)

Now, we'll move away from the moose - we have two more weekends or four days left to work - there is even a rumor that they might close the cabin a week early - if so, then next weekend will be out last weekend. (That would not be a bad thing, since we only had about 60 total people in the cabin all day!) S L O W !!!!!!! Our deposit for the day was the lowest we made all summer. I sure was glad that we brought a book today - I did get some reading done.

Dan and I still haven't decided what we are going to do this week - we do know that we be going back to the dinner theater at Mack's Inn on Thursday night and then we go into Yellowstone to dinner Friday night. IF next weekend is in fact our last weekend, it will really make a difference on what we do - so, I think we will have to think about it as this coming week as being our last week. I'll certainly let you know what we decide to do and if we stay that extra week or if we close the cabin up.

We have enjoyed watching football - with the pre-season starting to wind down - and the college season getting ready to start up - it is our understanding the AP has picked the Florida Gators as number one to begin this season - it should be an exciting season and it will be interesting to see how it plays out - all I can say is - Neil, I wish them luck. (Okay, Crystal, I'm not saying anything else!)

Well, I don't have much else to report for today - Melissa, I hope your Hamburger Casserole turned out okay - and I hope that your second week of schools goes well - I'm sure that you all will start to get back in the groove real soon. In the next couple of days I'll do the "books" for this month - I thought we were doing really well, until the problem with the truck and that sorta blew the budget - oh well, we'll see how bad it turned out in the next few days.

Now, before I sign off I'll let you see the last picture - it is really out of focus, but I think that you can make out the baby moose in the background - it was the best I could do before momma moose ran me off. Hope you enjoy - and I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like an exciting photo shoot. Anytime I have taken a picture of a moose, there was always a small crowd of people around. I always chose to stand by a person that I knew I could outrun. LOL

    Question: Are you always going to write this blog or is it a "summer only" exercise? I enjoy reading them even though I don't always post a comment.

  2. what will we all do when there aren't any more moose pictures to look at?


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