Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Idaho Falls

We went back to Idaho Falls this afternoon and picked up the truck - this is a statue that is at the entrance to a park just as you come into the city limits of Idaho Falls. Downtown there is a fabulous park area with waterfalls and all kinds of water features - it is on the Snake River and the rest of the city just sorta sits around this park - no, I wasn't able to take pictures of it today, but maybe someday in the future.

We were somewhat surprised at the bill for the truck - Dan and the service department manager had a miscommunication and they did more work on the truck that we thought they were going to do - the bill for the part and labor was a little less than $200.00 which we expected. Dan also told them to change the fuel filter which was suppose to be around $125.00 plus labor, but what we didn't know was that they also 'cleaned the fuel lines' or some such - soooo, the total bill was $500.00 - this was a very big shock to us, but there was nothing we could really do. Let's just say that Dan let the guy know that we were not happy with the situation, but the work had already been done, so we had to pay it. Now, before any of you start to blame FORD let me set the record straight - people are going to have remember - you are going to have parts break down - like radiator hoses. That's just part of owning a truck - Chevy's and Toyota's they all have parts that break. So, let's not start bad mouthing our Ford - plus Dan would NEVER own anything but a Ford - he's had a Chevy and didn't like it - so Ford will be our choice of vehicles.

We did go and make reservations for the dinner theater here at Mack's Inn - we will go see "The Hillbillies" on Friday night - we will be having Prime Rib and I'll let you know how it goes - it starts at 6:10 and I don't know when it will be over, so I might not post Friday night, but if I don't I'll be sure to fill you in on Saturday.

You might ask if we did anything else while in Idaho Falls other than return the rental and pick up the truck and the answer would be "Why yes we did." At the Museum of Idaho they had the Titanic Exhibit and Dan and I went this afternoon -----------------------

See, here are our tickets to prove it - it was pretty fascinating - they did have many of the artifacts from the Titanic and told the stories of the survivors and those that died. When we went in we were given "ticket" with the name of a passenger that was actually on the Titanic - at the end of the exhibit they had a list of all those who survived and those that didn't.

This was my ticket - I was fifteen - had been married for 50 days - and was sailing third class. What do you think - did I survive or not????
I went through the entire exhibit thinking that I did not - but I did - my "husband" did not - so I was a 15 year old widow. In case you are wondering - Dan was also given a ticket - he was a 28 year old male from Ireland - he did not survive. I think one of the things that will always stay with me - they had an "iceberg" on display that you were invited to touch with your hand - you were to see how long you could leave your hand on this large sheet of ice - I lasted about 20 seconds - then they tell you the water was colder than the surface of the iceberg. It is no wonder that people died so quickly in the water. Anyway, it sure made you think about the circumstances and how many died in vain.

That was about all we did today - I don't have any other pics to show you - maybe tomorrow. I hope you all have a great day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


  1. the only question i have is how old is the truck and how many miles because while wear and tear happens it certainly shouldnt on a new vehicle...

    the Titanic exhibit sounds fascinating, sad but interesting nonetheless

  2. glad the truck is fixed. and i'm sure that service manager will be more clear in the future. i have seen dan's mad face. i am not a fan...


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