Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hail in August!!!!

Okay folks, this is hail - yes, you heard me - HAIL! In August! Who would believe that - it has been raining and hailing (is that a word???) on and off all evening - and you wouldn't believe the temperature - how about 41 degrees - this morning it was a balmy 35 degrees!!!! Yes, that's cold!!! Even natives are talking about how cold this summer has been- I mean this is ridiculous. I just don't get it - most of the time we like the cooler temperature - I don't really mind it being cool in the morning - I don't even mind turning the heat on in the morning - and up until today it has always warmed up to a nice temperature - it is suppose to warm up tomorrow (that will be around 70 degrees).

I did not go to work today - I woke up about 4 o'clock this morning with a migraine and then I couldn't get warm - I took my Imitrex and the headache went away, but I couldn't get warm and I just didn't feel well - in fact, right now I am sitting with the heater on me and Dan's shirt on - because I can't get and stay warm - anyway, Dan went to work for us and then he came home and cooked dinner also. He is such a good guy!!!! As soon as I finish with the blog I'm going to go back in and get in the bed and turn on the TV in the bedroom.

I promised to post a link to the other pictures from Virginia City and the "break-down", but I wanted to post this pictures of Dan separately - when you look at it, those of you that know Dan will understand why I love this picture - take a look................

he didn't even know why I was taking the picture until afterwards and then he cracked up! Well, I'm going to bed - hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures - here is the link to the other pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, by the way - I'm very proud of him too, not getting upset at the problems we had - there is always a silver lining when you look for it - ours was the very helpful people at Ford Roadside Assistance - not only did they arrange for the tow truck - they called to tell us the approximate time he would arrive and then called to see if he had gotten there. When he hadn't they called the company to find out where he was, called to tell us he should be there in about 15 more minutes (which is when we thought he would be there) and then called again to make sure he had, in fact, gotten there. They couldn't have been nicer and Dan and I were very impressed with the service. Kudos to Ford Motor Company!!!!


  1. Great pictures...some of those buildings looked like the shop here a long time ago! My truck wouldn't start yesterday when I was ready to leave work..must be contagious!

  2. Oh Dan,
    What has happened to you. I didn't know you smoked cigars - I did get the whole picture. Carol, I don't like all these migranes. Hope you get rid of them soon.

  3. OH...I showed Mark the pictures of the truck! He said the problem is F.O.R.D. Love ya!


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