Friday, March 5, 2010

Yahoo - Antenna works!

My antenna arrived today and it WORKS!!!! I am soooo happy! (Dan says it doesn't take much to make me happy - and maybe it doesn't, but that's okay too!) While I was work today (I'll tell you about that in a minute) Tom, one of the other volunteers, brought the box to Dan and then Dan brought it to me. I could hardly wait to get home and see if it would work. In one way I was really nervous, not knowing if it would work or not, but once I put the antenna on the window and plugged it into my air card - turned the computer on and boom - three bars!!!! I wasn't getting any before - so, yes, I am a very happy camper (literally!) I am so happy to be at home and being able to post, blog, and farm. Yeah!

Okay, enough about that - how did work go. It was a very interesting day. First, I got at the store just in time for a shipment to arrive. I let the morning person check in the order - I didn't want to do that first thing on my first day. Anyway, I knew how to change shifts over with the money (that's a good thing) and then a little while later Shirley came down (I was really glad to see her -I didn't want to try and close all on my own!) The day went by really quickly because we spent the time putting out the order that had come in. Shirley showed me how to find the merchandise code - price everything and put it out on the shelves. Then, when it was time to close, she let me do it on my own. Which I remembered most of it all - only had to ask a question once or twice. Anyway, the next day we work, I will be opening - which is much easier than closing. Much less paperwork to do. I think things will go well at the store.

However, after work, Dan and I were both BEAT! I'm really surprised on how tired we both were - but we haven't worked in over two months and it makes a difference. Anyway, Dan decided he wanted to go up to the Lodge to eat (half price!). So we went up and had soup and salad - with dessert and drink was only $7.42 for both of us. Not too bad!

Tomorrow we don't have to work so I'm not sure what we will do during the day. We do have to work on Sunday - I don't have to do laundry (already done!) and I don't have to clean the house (already done!) so I've got a free day. Maybe I'll spend the time doing the stuff that I haven't been able to do on the Internet - balance the bank account - pay the bills - do the research on the parks for this winter. See, there is plenty to do - always is. The problem with this is, if I can't find something for Dan to do he will want to go somewhere. Going to Blue Ridge or Dahlonega might be fun and they aren't that far away - but I would rather get caught up on stuff here and save those trips for maybe next week on our days off. We'll see.

Well, I really don't have anything else to report tonight - I hope you all had a great day and that you are looking forward to a great weekend - remember the Oscars are Sunday night - I guess I can give you my predictions - Best Picture - Hurt Locker; Best Actor - Jeff Bridges; Best Actress - Sandra Bullock (I would like to see Meryl Strepp -spelling?- get it, but I don't think that will happen - too much hype for Sandra); Best Supporting Actress - Monique; Best Supporting Actor - can't remember his name, but the guy from Inglorious Bastards. Best Director - can't remember her name - but James Cameron's ex wife - the one who did Hurt Locker. Now, it's official - we'll see how I do - okay Crystal??? That's it for tonight - take care, stay warm and -----

I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. So...give me the particulars on the antenna booster..Verizon? How much? Can it be used to give a boost to your phone also? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I'm impressed you know so much about the Oscars and nominees. I know about Hurt Locker only because a Detroit man is claiming it's his life story and we're hearing it on the news. However, I do know the people you mentioned; just haven't seen them in the roles. Good luck on your predictions.

  3. Dennis - The antenna booster is a Verizon booster - I have the booster and then an adapter to attach it to my air card. I'm sure that there is an adapter for a cell phone also, you would just have to check with the Verizon store. Cost - antenna $19.99 and adapter was $9.99 - with tax the total was $32.08 - well worth every penny!

    Donna - I have to stay up with the Oscars to be able to "compete" with my oldest daughter - I don't know what her predictions are, but I'm sure I'll hear something from her about it. Take care and travel safe!


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