Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2012 - not my cup of tea!

Okay, tonight we watched 2012 and it was not exactly our cup of tea. We did watch it all, but it really was not what I thought it would be. I knew that it was a "disaster movie" but come on! Between having to turn the sound up to hear the speaking parts and then WAY down so the 'special effects' didn't blast us out of the house it seemed to be a constant battle. Anyway, like I said, it just wasn't our cup of tea.

Now- The Blind Side was FABULOUS!!!! It was, by far, the best of all the movies we have watched in the last few days. I would definitely buy this one - even Dan said he would like to have it. One minute your laughing and the next your crying. It was a really good movie. So, I would recommend it to anyone!

I worked today - and it was really very slow AGAIN! I think I had three sales the whole shift - and one of those was my own sale. I did have one cash sale - for a total of $.85. Just wasn't our day.

After we came home - I fixed lunch - chicken salad - then made the egg salad so we will have things for lunch the rest of the week. I fixed a chicken and rice dish for dinner (along with a salad). Now we have a few dishes in the refrigerator that we will need to eat in the next couple of days. I also took some country ribs out of the freezer for Dan to fix on the grill. We should be able to have those in the next couple of days.

Well, I really don't have much else to report so I won't bore you with our boredom. Hope you guys are having a good week - We are suppose to have rain move in tomorrow and rain through Friday. I'll let you know - in the meantime - you guys take care - stay warm and dry and ------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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