Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party Anyone???

Last night we had a little cookout here at the "house" for the hosts that were leaving today. It was the first time that we have had a group here at the house and I think it very well. We grilled hot dogs on the grill and Dan fixed some Chili on the camp fire. I also fixed some baked beans in the crock pot and fresh peach cobbler. We had all the fixing's for the hot dogs and sour cream and cheese for those that wanted that on their chili. I made a pot of coffee for dessert and I think that it went well. This is a picture of the table after everyone finished eating.

Here are some of the other hosts sitting with Dan - both of these couples are the newbies - they came in to replace Tom and Susan and Sharon and Bob (who left last week).

I'm not sure what Susan was talking about, but she had every one's attention! It was a little chilly last night - as you can probably tell with everyone bundled up - but we put the sides up on the EZ Up and it protected the food and it was pretty warm if you happened to stay inside.

One of the rangers came by and had some chili with us before he had to leave to present a program - the one on snakes (Uck!). Glad I didn't have to be there. The other day we watched him feed the snakes some little mice (gross!). Just NOT my thing!

Today Dan and I worked (actually this morning). It was POURING down rain all morning!!!! We did have a couple of customers - but not very many. I kept busy though by stuffing Easter eggs for the hunt this coming Saturday. I ran out of hard candy with only 23 eggs left to stuff - we had to have three batches with 168 small eggs and 10 large eggs. I got two batches done and then ran out before I could finish the last batch (I did do the 10 large eggs - I just didn't have enough to do the last 23). Oh well, we have the week to get it done!

I'm getting ready to go get in the bed - I'm really not feeling that well tonight - I ache all over and I just don't feel good. So, I'm going to sign off and go get in the bed. Hope you guys had a good weekend and -----------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

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