Friday, March 26, 2010

Old Sautee Store

I know, I know - I didn't post last night - I really don't have an excuse other than I was tired and I went to bed. I wanted to make sure I posted tonight though - so here it is.

Yesterday we drove around some to see the country side. We really haven't done any just riding around and Dan was about to have a fit - so we just decided yesterday would be a good day to do that (on our way to Ingles to turn in our movies). Well, we found this old store - the Old Sautee Store that was established in 1872 and has been in continuous operation since then.

It was really a neat store - the front part was set up just like it was back "in the day", but the back part was a regular store. They had some really neat inventory - really pretty things - in fact, I bought a pair of crocs that are lined with a "fur" like material (might be nice when we are out in Alaska) and a couple of things for the "house".

When we left the Sautee Store we went across the street to another couple of stores - one had "western" wear - you know what I mean - the leather, fringe jackets and sterling silver with turquoise. Dan loved a couple of jackets, but none of them were big enough for him. Then we went by a pottery museum - we decided that we would not go in yesterday, we just didn't have the time. We'll go back at a later time.

Then we saw a sign for a covered bridge - now, as most of you know, there are not many covered bridges left and even fewer in the south. So, we headed down the road looking for the bridge and three miles down the road we found .................................

okay this is the river the bridge crosses (and yes, they have a "modern" bridge that is used now) but we also stopped and walked across ..........

the covered bridge. It was really neat - of course, there is all kind of graffiti on the inside. But it was really cool to be able walk across this old covered bridge. Okay - this is not the original bridge - the original bridge was washed away in the early 1900's by a flood. This is a recreation of the original.
After we left the bridge we headed into town to return our movies. I also decided to pick up some bar-b-que chicken for lunch. After we got home and ate I did a load of laundry and was straighting up the house when I looked out the window and saw...................................
Dan taking a nap outside. I guess I was making too much noise cleaning - so he decided to go outside so he could sleep! Men!!!!! (but I let him sleep!)
Today we went back into town to pick up a few things - we are going to have a "cook out" here at the house tomorrow night. We have one of the other hosts leaving on Sunday and while we normally go to Lodge for dinner with all the hosts Tom and Susan did not want to do that. So, we decided to have a cook out here at the house - just something simple - hot dogs, potato chips, baked beans, chili, and peach cobbler. We visited all the hosts and invited them to the cook out - all say they are coming - so it should be a good time.
We work tomorrow afternoon - so I'm going to do a lot of prep work in the morning - brown the hamburger meat for the chili - put the baked beans in the crock pot. Clean the house AGAIN - straighten up outside. It'll all get done - I'll let you know how it goes (of course, depending on what time people leave, I may not post tomorrow night.).
Okay, I think I have caught you up on everything. Take care and -----------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!! (Maybe!)


  1. Carol, we have been to the Old Sautee Store during one of our trips to Franklin. I have a blue/green wool throw from there that is about 30 years old and we still use it. Thanks for the memories.

  2. It occurred to me with all your traveling, you might be interested in some of our photo posts on FLICKR -- here's the URL for a nice little State Park in Central Florida, the Marjory Rawlings house in Cross Creek that we visited with friends from Celebration a couple weeks ago -- but look around on the MEANDER collections -- there's lots of other stuff . . . .


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