Monday, March 8, 2010

More of the same

Today was just another day of the same ole thing. Seems like all I do anymore is laundry - of course, when you have a small machine you do have to do it more often, and believe me, I am NOT complaining about having a small machine. I do have a machine and I can do it here in the unit and not have to go to a laundromat or down somewhere else for a couple of hours. Today, while I did the laundry, I was also able to make lunch of egg salad sandwiches, do some stuff on the Internet, and watch TV. So, that was not such a bad day after all.

Tonight, I fixed dinner - Cashew Chicken. Then it was back on the computer to do some of my everyday "farming". In other words - today was not a very exciting day. The weather was nice and Dan was able to do some work outside - putting the rope lighting around the cover over the picnic table. It does make the outside look more "homey", if you know what I mean. That was about the extent of our day.

Oh, I guess I should say something about my predictions on the Oscars - I got all six of my predictions correct (I even added the animated picture, so actually I was 7 of 7 - but I didn't put the animated picture on the blog, so I won't count that). I don't think I did too bad this year. I still wish Meryl had won best actress. Actually, Crystal and I sorta disagreed about that - you see, I think that best "actress" should be based on the job the actress does. In each part that Meryl completes she becomes a completely different person -some actresses are the same person just trying to "play" a part. Anyway, that just what I think. I guess Hollywood doesn't agree - it's who campaigns the best - not the job they do in the movie. Oh well, the dress was pretty!

Okay, that's all I'm going to bore you tonight. I hope that your first day of the week was a good one and that the rest of the week will be good also. You guys take care and -----------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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