Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scrub a dub, dub

Today was cleaning day - not only did I clean the 'house' but I did all the laundry also. In fact I am finishing up Dan's jeans in the dryer now. It was just one of those kind of days - not a whole lot of substance, but sure was a lot of work. Dan went with the other guys today and painted some stuff for the park. While he was gone, not only did I clean the house, I cleaned up the fire ring area. Dan had cut up a tree (well the rangers had actually cut down the tree, Dan just cut it up into firewood). It sure did give him quite a bit of firewood but it also made a huge mess on the gravel by the house. So, today I went out and cleaned up the mess so the outside looks half way decent also. Dan was even impressed, at least he said it looked good.

We had our host meeting this morning and it went pretty well. I guess I 'm going to be the Easter bunny on the Saturday before Easter (4/3) - I'm not really sure how I was "volunteered" to do that, and I don't know how it will work out with our schedule since we are suppose to work Saturday morning, but I am sure it will all work itself out.

Dan's medicine came yesterday - but mine had not come. Now, they had my prescription and when I called they said that the medicine had been mailed on 3/5 and I still hadn't received it. So, they said they would send me another shipment. They did not have Dan's prescriptions and had to get in touch with his doctor to get new prescriptions yet he got his. Anyway, guess what - my medicine came today - so now I will have a 180 day supply instead of a 90 day supply. I guess that's okay - I just won't need to order it while we are in Alaska. We will just have to deal with getting Dan's.

Dan decided to cook his roast over the fire this afternoon when he got home. So he cut the potatoes, onions, and carrots - put the roast in the cast iron dutch oven with the vegetables and beef broth - a little Everglades seasoning and cooked it over the campfire for a couple of hours (well, actually about 3 or 4 - we didn't eat until 7:30) but it was really good. He was going to clean up the kitchen, but he said his back was hurting and asked that I do it for him - which of course I did. He's in bed now and I'm getting ready to go join him and do some reading.

Tomorrow we work in the afternoon - I'll let you go how that goes. Hope you are having a good week and --------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. I'm still enjoying your posts. Mary and I were so frustrated with the mail order service the first time we tried it, that we just cancelled the order, figuring it wasn't worth the worry. We'll deal with ordering 30 day supplies from Walgreens.

  2. Walgreens service was much better (at least, so far) than this has been with Medco BUT we did have the problem with Walgreens where they did not transfer Dan's medicine (that we were told in that meeting they would) so we had to go back to his doctor to get new prescriptions. It's just a hassle transfering over to a new system. I can say the people at Medco have been extremely nice - the pharmacist even called to talk to us about Dan's meds. It is never as easy as the "powers that be" try to make it sound.
    Glad you are still reading!


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