Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Day in the Neighborhood

I opened the store this morning. It started out to be a really good day - I was actually able to get the safe open by myself. (The last time I opened I had to have Dan open the safe - I couldn't get it open!) Plus, we were busy - there were actually people waiting on the porch for me to unlock the door. Anyway, whenever it would rain (which happened quite frequently) the store would fill with people. There was a boy scout troupe here this weekend and parents and scouts were in the store buying all kinds of things - from coats and rain poncho's to camping supplies to food items. The credit card machine was working (YEAH!) and things went well. When Judy came over to take over - my cash drawer balanced and the credit card slips balanced (double YEAH!). There is one thing about being busy - the time goes by much quicker. We don't have to work again until Monday - and then we have the store the entire time - we have shorter hours on Monday - 11 to 3 - so I both open and close the store. That should be interesting!

As mentioned above, it is still raining here - now today was not a total wash out - we did have times that it wasn't raining, but it never dried out. Plus, the temperatures are going back down - not into the twenties but to the upper 30's tonight. Here is a real kicker - the weathermen said that we MIGHT have SNOW FLURRIES tomorrow! Come on - I thought we were finally going to get warm - everyone is talking about spring. There are actually some daffodils starting to poke their little heads up - they are blooming in the valley. Now, we might get flurries - oh well, it will warm up yet - just wait and see.

After work, we came home and ate left overs for lunch - then I cleaned up the kitchen from lunch and breakfast. After that I took a pill and sat down with my heat thingy over my eyes and I took an hour and a half nap in my chair with the dogs in my lap. When I woke up I started dinner. We had chicken, noodles, with mushroom soup and cheese casserole and a tossed salad. I cleaned up the kitchen again (I seem to always be cleaning up the kitchen!) No TV again tonight due to the cloud cover (plus there is nothing to watch on NBC). Okay, I now know why they are in third place of the networks - they don't have any good programs on. When you are forced to watch that network you really see what they have and it's nothing worth watching - so most of the time the TV is off - at least that is one way to wean ourselves off TV.

I really don't have anything else to report - we don't have any big plans for tomorrow - maybe I'll do some more laundry. Hope you guys are having a good weekend and -------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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