Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First trip to Yellowstone!

Yellowstone - when most people think of Yellowstone National Park they think of Old Faithful Geyser. Yes, Old Faithful is a part of Yellowstone, but just a part. There is so much more to this wonderful creation. This is a picture of one of the thermal pots - the colors are magnificent - and this is just one of the pots. Dan and I went to Yellowstone today and only traveled 30 miles within the park. Yes, we went to see Old Faithful erupt - even ate at the Old Faithful Lodge, but there is so much more to see and witness.

For example, not only did we see this thermal pot we saw lakes formed by small geysers - beautiful rivers that hold all types of trout. We saw a Bald Eagle in its nest with babies - a herd of elk grazing beside the river - a lone deer lying in the grass - antelope feeding on the hillside - a bison herd grazing in the distance. We saw magnificent waterfalls that are hard to imagine they would be so large. And all of this in one 30 mile southern loop. Do you want to know what is really cool? We have all summer to explore this beautiful place - two and a half months. We will go to the park at least once a week, if not more. (Just so you know - this is not costing us anything but fuel - we have a Golden Age Pass which allows us entry into any National Park for free - it has saved us $75.00 so far on this trip along- Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, and today - it will allow us to go to the park as many times as our heart desires which will be many times.)

Tomorrow Dan plans on working around the "house" - he still has to put the door back on and he wants to weed eat around the yard a little more - we hope that will help with the mosquitoes. I plan on bathing the pups. We may ride around and explore the area closer to "home" after we get our chores done - if so, I plan on taking the pups with us. They have been by themselves most of the day since last Friday - they need to spend some time with us. I'll also work on the budget and getting those figures done. Also, I have figured out how to email pictures from Picasa to people, but I have yet to figure out how to post them to the web (I am now at the point that I would accept help from my tech savvy daughters, friends of my daughters, or even sons-in-law - if you know, please let me know!)

Well, I'll sign off for tonight - but before I do, I'll leave you with one more picture. Enjoy!

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  1. We envy you. You're visiting so many of the places we went to last summer. My favorite (except for Yellowstone) was Bryce. I just cried when I saw the magnificence of the hoo-doos.


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