Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grand Tetons National Park

Grand Teton

Today was another absolutely wonderful day - we drove over to Jackson (by the paved road this time) and shopped a little on the square - I should say we walked through some stores. My kids would be soooo proud of me - I haven't bought anything in all the stores we have been in - okay, I take that back. I did buy a Grand Teton National Park sticker to use on my scrapbook pages when I get my pictures developed. But I have not bought any thing for the trailer - no little something to decorate with. I know they won't believe me, but it's true. Maybe it's because I don't have anywhere to put anything. I did see a lamp that I told Dan would be pretty on the table instead of the Wal Mart special we have there now. But, the $75.00 price tag changed my mind very quickly! After we walked around for a little while we went into the Million Dollar Saloon and had lunch - I had a regular cheeseburger while Dan had a buffalo burger ($25.00). I saved some of my cheeseburger for the pups (yes, we took them with us again - I don't like to leave them alone so much).

After we left Jackson we actually drove into the Grand Teton National Park instead of just driving by on the way to Yellowstone as we have done in the past. Therefore, most of my pictures today will be of scenery. The scenery is awe inspiring. I hope you will be able to tell from the pictures that I will post at the end just how beautiful this place is. I really don't know if my pictures will do the place justice, but I hope they will. The picture above was taken at the Jenny Lake Visitor Center and almost matches the picture we have hanging over our bed in the trailer.

When we left the Tetons we decided to go ahead and drive through Yellowstone from the south entrance and go through West Yellowstone to go home instead of driving all the way back to Jackson and then back the way we came - it would have been about 100 miles that way instead of about 70 the way we went. We stopped at McDonald's in West Yellowstone because it was getting late and Dan was hungry (big surprise) - I figured it would be an inexpensive meal since we always eat off the $1.00 menu. WRONG!!!! They don't have a $1.00 menu - so instead of about 6 bucks we spent $12.63. Oh well, it was a great day and we did enjoy ourselves.

By the way, at the end of the pictures you will see female elk pictures and a couple of a very young male elk - he was just starting to get his horns (nothing like the Bull Elk we saw on Tuesday). I hope you enjoy these pictures - just click on this link.

Tomorrow I stay home and clean a little - finally give the pups a bath. I think Dan is finally going to go fishing. Will fill you in on what happens - you never know what we are going to do next!

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