Monday, July 20, 2009

What a Neighborhood!

Look what was in our neighborhood last night! Isn't he absolutely the prettiest thing you have ever seen???? Let me explain how I got this shot - we went to work yesterday and had a normal day - somewhat busy in spurts because it rained some at the cabin (I think that is what caused my headache for two days). Anyway, we left the cabin yesterday afternoon around 4:20 and started home - stopped at the bank and made the deposit. Nothing special, you know, just a normal day. We get home and I'm ready to go in and take some pills, fix dinner and go to bed. As we are pulling into the parking area our neighbor, Kay, is walking toward us. I open my door and he asks me if I want to see a bull moose. Well, of course, you all know my answer to that one - so he tells us to drive back around and go over to the "bone yard" (that's the area that the forest service dumps all the stuff that they can't use anymore). Anyway, we drive back over there and I'm looking and looking and can't see anything - I'm getting really down because I think he has already gone over the river and I'll never see him. Dan tells me to walk back down the road to where the open meadow is and he'll come around and pick me up. I'm walking down the road when he comes pulling up beside me all excited. I jump in the truck and he goes back around to within 10 feet of where we were standing before and you see what we saw. He was HUGE! Now, I got about 15 pictures of him and I wanted to get a little closer - so I eased around and took the picture above - Dan told me that I was getting a little brave (I am out of the truck and going over toward this HUGE animal that is very unpredictable.) I told him later that if that moose had made any move to get up he would have seen nothing but "a**es and elbows" getting back to the truck! As you can see from the picture - that big ole moose kept his eyes on me and I kept my eyes on him. After I took the pictures we sat in the truck and just watched him for a little while. He just laid there in the grass and watched us watch him.

Well, I was so happy at seeing the bull moose - I mean he was withing 20 yards of me - I don't think many people get to see moose that close up. When I look up and see........

Yes, two more moose - cows this time. They were lying in the grass about 10 feet away from the bull. Just right next to each other and watching us. They were actually closer to the road than the bull, so I didn't get out of the truck at all - I just rolled the window down and took the pictures through the window. This was the first time I had seen two lying next to each other like this - I don't know if that is normal or not, but it sure does make for a great picture!

We came home and talked about how absolutely lucky we are to be able to experience the things that we are. It is amazing and we are so thankful everyday!

I did fix dinner last night - then I hit the sack - that's the reason I didn't get the pictures on the blog last night. I hope you enjoy these pictures half as much as I enjoyed taking them!

BTW - Dana, good luck on the boards tomorrow - your Dad and I know you are going to do just GREAT!

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