Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just another day at the office

Look what was waiting for us when we went to the cabin this morning!! We couldn't believe it. Plus he was there for about 2 hours just feeding and walking through the springs. I must have taken a million pictures - actually I took 42. There were some shots where he just picked up his head and looked straight at me - almost like he was poising for me. I'll put the link to all the shots at the end of the blog.

We had a tremendous amount of people through the cabin today - we will probably be really busy again tomorrow - then we have been told that things will probably slow down after this weekend. We were also told that we will probably see snow before we leave in September - that will be fine with me as long as we don't get snowed in!

Believe it or not, I turned down going out to eat tonight. Dan wanted to go down to Ashton and have Mexican (we have been told that there is an excellent Mexican place on Main Street), but I said that I would cook dinner instead. It looked like it was going to storm (which it did) and the girls had been alone all day and I just didn't want to go out again. I know, I probably just caused my kids to wonder if their mother was feeling well - I'm fine! Really, I promise!

Well, I really don't have that much to report, but I did want to leave you will one other picture of the moose.

Also, here is the link to all the pictures of my little friend.

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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