Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grocery Day

Hello all -today was a day at home and the grocery store and getting things organized again. Since it was a sorta boring day I wondered what I was going to talk about today on the post and realized that I had never shown you pictures of the inside of the 5th wheel. So, I decided I would do that today - now forgive me for not having them in a more organized manner (this is our bed - duh - and the dresser is two pictures down, but I really wasn't thinking when I was downloading the pictures - sorry!) Anyway, I think you will be able to see how things are. We are getting rid of the "fu-fu" - we can't stand it and adding a more country/wood theme - we took down the "fu-fu" headboard that came with the trailer and added our own picture (of the Grand Tetons) - added our bedspread and pillows on the bed. Of course, when you see the dresser you will notice we added our own moose also!
Now you see what I meant when I said the generic table lamp on the dining table - we would really like something more "woodsie" (if that's a word) for the table. So, we will look for something in our many travels.

Of course, this is the kitchen area - look Melissa, I have the sign you gave us in the kitchen - for those that can't read it I'll translate - "Dream - When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme! - Jiminy Cricket" We sorta feel like we are living that "Dream" right now.

In case you couldn't tell - this is the dressing area of the bedroom - and yes, here is our moose on the dresser - in the background is the shower and sink area.

Finally, this is the living room area - and yes, I have tried to put a little bit of our "touch" on the place - I can't think about living somewhere that I haven't decorated just a little. It isn't big, but it's our home and we are getting settled in and liking what we have. I will do a few more tweaks of course (like the table lamp) but it is comfortable for us now.
Now, I did download the pictures of yesterday's trip into Yellowstone and I will post them at the bottom of the entry for today. Tomorrow we will do laundry and then we are going to go up and close the cabin for our neighbor tomorrow afternoon - she and her husband are going to West Yellowstone to see The Secret Garden at the playhouse. We told them we would be glad to close up for them so they won't be rushed getting to the playhouse. After we close, Dan wants to go back to the stream that I took the pictures of him fishing the other day. (Oh, by the way, he bought a new fishing rod and reel and all that stuff today when we were at Wal Mart - over $100 worth of stuff - I told him that he had better start catching fish - he was over $200.00 in fishing stuff!) So, I will take my book with us up to the cabin and then I'll read while he fishes.
Friday we are going to do the loop into Montana - I really don't know what kind of pictures I'll take, if any, but I'll have them for you if I do. It is hard to believe that this week is almost over and we'll have to go back to work in 2 days - oh well, it's only for 2 days. We can handle that!
Now, as a final note - I watched the Bachlorette (sorry Crystal) and I was somewhat surprised that she sent Reid home - but then her date with Kipton went really well. I'm not sure now who she will pick - the head's on favorite has to be Ed, but lately it doesn't seem like things go the way you think they will - and in the previews it seemed like there was going to be some kind of drama - so we'll just have to wait and see. Of course, next week is "The Guys tell all" and I hope someone beats Wes's A**! He is such a jerk. Okay, Crystal, I'll quit now.
Here is the link for the pictures from yesterday. Hope you enjoy!
Keep the comments coming - and just so you know - my hair is different!

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  1. Glad you found a place for the lovely sign we brought back to you from Hawaii! It goes well there! I looked at the pics from Yellowstone and it does look like you guys are living the dream! Love you both! -Melissa and Justin


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