Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home again, Home again!

Okay - first of all let me say that the reason I did not blog last night when we got home was I had the worst migraine I have had in a very long time - it was one of those that make you physically ill. Anyway, I came home and went to bed! I've been much better today and I did get some prescription meds today. Now, for our trip - this is a picture of big Dan looking out at the Beartooth Mountains. This was one of the most spectacular road trips we have ever taken - it was beautiful! We drove this way coming home from Cody. Cody was great - we went to the Buffalo Bill Museum. If you ever get this way, I would highly recommend this museum - it is NOT just about Buffalo Bill (yes, there is one wing that is completely devoted to him - and I learned quite a bit about the man). There is a wing about the Plains Indians, a wing with guns (every manufacture, military guns, western guns, if it's a gun, it's there), a wing with western art, a whole floor dedicated to research, beautiful sculptures, outside gardens - fantastic! We also went to the Dairy Queen and had ice cream - Dan wanted to go to the Silver Dollar Saloon for dinner and it was really pretty good also. The hotel was a little high ($152.59) but it was dog friendly. It only had a queen size bed which didn't lend itself to a good night's rest, but it was fun anyway - we have learned something - if we can't get a king size bed we will try to get two double beds - a queen just doesn't work with two dogs, Dan and I.
Now, I'm sure you are wondering what in the world this picture is all about - well, folks, if you look real close you will see snow on the window - yes, I said SNOW! At about 11,000 feet we ran into snow - the temperature was down to 31 degrees. It didn't last that long, but it was really cool (no pun intended)! Dan and I were really very excited to see the snow. Dan thought we would see about 39 degrees, but the temperature kept dropping the higher in the mountains we went. There was snow in different places on the mountains and there are some pictures of the snow in the pictures that will be posted at the end of the blog, but I just had to include this picture for you.

This is just one of the many waterfalls we saw on this trip - it was beautiful and there are more pics of this waterfall and others on the link. We also saw many different animals on this trip - in the Beartooth Mountains we saw deer in many different places - we went into several campgrounds (you know Dan, he just has to see what is available out there) and saw some deer in these campgrounds. We also saw them along the road side - Dan says that I am getting pretty good at spotting deer (if I was just as good at finding bears or moose or something like that!)

There are some awesome pictures of buffalo - this is just one of them - I hope that you will enjoy the pictures that will be posted at the end of the blog. There are some pictures of a surprise animal at the end of the link - these are of an animal that is not commonly photographed by "non-professionals". Let me know what you think.
Today we went into Rexburg to Wal Mart (that's where I picked up my migraine meds) and picked up the few groceries and things. We ate at Sonic (wow, a chili cheesedog!!!!) Sorry, Crystal, but mom has to have a fix every once in a while! We also drove around the town which we had never done before - did you know that there was a Brigham Young University in Rexburg - we didn't, until today. Anyway, a "quick" trip to the store takes 4 hours! Such is the life living out in Idaho. (Oh, by the way, I found out there is a Wal Greens in Rexburg - so I can order pictures and pick them up here instead of having them mailed to Dowling Park to Joyce - which means I can do some scrapbooking here. Yeah!) Okay, I've bored everyone enough for one day - so I'll sign off - one more thing though - told you I would be wrong about Kipton and Ed - she chose Ed who was the front runner all along - I hope that they will be happy and actually make a go of it. Okay, enough on that - I won't mention it again.
Tomorrow is laundry day - oh joy! Then back to work for a couple of days. I know that one thing we will do next week is go to West because they are having a Mountain Man Rendezvous and Dan will HAVE to go to that! Please, let me know what you think of all this stuff - I just love to read your comments!.
Here is a link to today's pictures - Enjoy!


  1. Is the picture of a coyote? I got a good one last year on a main road in Yellowstone. So glad you went on Beartooth. Darrell said he should have suggested that you go that way on your way to Cody. When we went on it last summer, it was like traveling through an ice tunnel. Snow was piled on each side of the road at least 3 car heights. We are so excited for you!

  2. i was worried about you when you didn't post the other day. melissa and i even had a little convo about it and both decided you probably had a migraine. might have been that weird front moving in to the northwest. cause, you know, even though ya'll had snow it was over 100 degrees in certain parts of washington state and oregon.

    the baby coyote is cute. though, i was thinking you might have gotten a picture of a rattlesnake or something. uhmm, since most "non-professionals" don't commonly photograph this animal, does this now make you a professional?

    and have a piece of fruit every now and then mom. geesh.

  3. I knew you would enjoy the Beartooth experience. We were there a little earlier in the summer, when the snow had not melted. Mary (my other half) even photographed a snowman someone had left behind. Was there any snow left when you were there?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. We can relive our trip thru yours.

  4. hey guys - Beartooth was great! Yes, there was still snow on the sides of the road, but not a lot - I mean, come on, it was July 29th! I'm excited that you enjoyed the pics, especially the baby coyote! (No, I'm NOT a pro, but I still like to try.) Crystal, I do have fruit at least once a day,usually an apple, I just don't always talk about it - sorry! Look for tonights post!


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