Monday, July 27, 2009

Got the Satellite back!

Hello all - today was just a very quiet day at the trailer - I did get a hold of Dish and finally got our local channels back - just in time to watch the finale of "The Bachelorette" - I know, I know Crystal, but your mom's got to have some vice! I'm making a prediction and I'll probably be wrong, but I'm picking Kipton - now let's see what happens!

We are going to do Cody tomorrow - we will go over and spend the night and then come home on Wednesday - so I probably won't post tomorrow night - I don't think I will take the computer with me, but that means I will have loads of pictures to share on Wednesday.

Well, because the day was so boring I don't have anything new to report so I will sign off. I do appreciate those that send the comments - can't wait to go to the Dairy Queen! Welcome home Ruth Ann and thanks for reading!

Bye all!!


  1. so i guess she picked Ed?

    also, here's the link for that web-site:
    just do the basic; it's free...

  2. yes she did - thanks for the web site!


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