Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yellowstone - South Loop

Well, here we are sitting in front of the Lower Falls at Artist's Point. Isn't that the most beautiful scene you have ever seen - okay take us out and it's one of the most beautiful. Anyway, we had a great time today - we saw lots of water falls today on the north side of the southern loop. We did see a little wild life- I have some pictures of a Bull Elk and some of buffalo. Not much else - I wanted to get pictures today of the hot springs, but we made the mistake of taking the northern side first and by the time we got over to the western side we were ready to come home. Soooo - I told Dan that the next time we come into the park I want to take the hot springs picture and he said okay. Once again, the girls traveled well - we let them out a couple of times to go 'potty' but the rest of the time they rode in the back seat. We stopped at the Lake Lodge for lunch ($23.00). This is the oldest lodge in the park - I always thought Old Faithful Lodge was the oldest, but it's not - this lodge was actually used as a stagecoach stop. Anyway, Dan had trout almondine and I had a chef's salad and water -it was pretty good. I'm cooking dinner as I write - but, it's really lite tonight - how about hot dogs and potato chips.

One of the reasons we having hot dogs tonight is I don't have anything else to cook. That's why tomorrow is a run into Rexburg - Wal Mart and Albertson's (the Wal Mart store is not a super center and they don't have fresh produce or meat - so we'll check out the Albertson's that is right next door). We have a few things we want to pick up at Wal Mart - such as a paper towel holder that mounts under the cabinet (the one I have now sits on the counter and it takes up too much precious counter top). Hopefully we won't be in Rexburg all day, but it is the closest Wal Mart and "real" grocery store.

I'm not going to be too long winded tonight - I need to get up and finish getting dinner ready. I'll leave you with one other picture from today - I'll get the pictures downloaded to the web tomorrow and have the link for them then. Hope you enjoy!


  1. the waterfall looks gorgeous. but most importantly, it looks like you two are having a great time. be safe. and buy some fresh fruit and veggies please. this hot dog and potato chip diet isn't gonna cut it...

  2. PS: that should be your christmas card picture. or the picture for the background of the blog title. great shot.

  3. If this is a picture of you with the new hair - it doesn't look that different from what you normally have. But this is a gorgeous picture overall! And you know how I love waterfalls! Love and miss u!


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