Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Day in Paradise (or close to it)

Hello all - sorry I didn't get my blog posted last night - I had done the blog and when I started to post it I realized that I was not online anymore and I lost the entire blog. By that time it was so late that I decided I would catch everyone up on our activities today.

Yesterday was a day that we got a lot accomplished. Not only did I do housework, I rearranged some cabinets and got rid of some things that we will never need. You know, it's funny when you are getting ready for an adventure like the one we are on how you think you will need all this "stuff" and you don't. For example, I brought at least 8 towels - now what do I need with 8 towels when it is just Dan, the girls, and I? When I do laundry I wash the ones we have used then we use them again. I don't get new towels out everyday. Anyway, when we get back to Florida in November that is one thing that I will change - get rid of stuff you don't use or need. But I guess it just takes living the way we are to recognize what you actually do need and what you don't. It is a completely different way of living than living in a "sticks and bricks" house. You have to think about the size of the jar of peanut butter you buy - will it fit in the pantry? How many rolls of paper towels you buy and how much frozen things you can fit into a freezer the size of a small cooler. It is an adjustment, but I think we are handling it well.

I also was able to give the puppies their long awaited bath - they were not real happy with me for a couple of hours (at least until I fixed dinner - then all was forgiven). I will put their Frontline on them today and give them their heartworm preventive and we will be good to go for another month.

Dan and I went to a small craft fair yesterday also -it was to benefit the local library - I did buy 4 paperback books and spent one whole dollar. It will give me something to read at night since I had finished everything I had brought with us. (So, I donated those books to the library - don't have room to store them.)

Last night Dan helped me do my hair - and it may come as a great shock to my children, but their mom is NOT a blond anymore - I'm now a light brunette. I don't believe my girls have ever seen me not as a blond (that gives you an idea of how long I have been coloring my hair - YIKES!) Anyway, I got a little tired of having to do my hair all the time and I also thought that a person on the back side of 50 probably didn't need to be a blond any longer - SO, I looked for a color that I thought was pretty close to my natural color and voila I'm a new woman - Dan wants to know when I will let my hair go gray and I told him when I was as old as he is I just might!

Today was a busy day at the cabin which was somewhat surprising, but we had one family group come in that was having a family reunion - there were over 50 in the group with some coming from as far away as Hawaii. This afternoon when we were closing I looked at the register and there was a family that came through the cabin today from New Zealand. It is amazing how people from all over the world come to this little cabin in the woods - I sometimes wonder how they find out about it - could be the same way we did - the good old Internet.

Well, we are half done with our work "week" and I am not sure what Dan has in store for us next week. I think we will probably do the southern loop in Yellowstone sometime during the week - and I am sure I will do laundry one day, but other than that we are just not sure - we'll get up one day and decide what we are going to do then. I need to get up and fix dinner - bar-b-que pork sandwiches, fresh french fries, and corn on the cob. Should be good. Maybe one day next week, if we can stay home, I will get the pictures of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon on the web so you guys can see them (they are pretty awesome!) That will be a goal of mine for next week. Please let me know what you think of the blog - or if you have any questions about what we are doing just drop me a comment and I'll answer you. Until tomorrow!


  1. i wanna see pictures of the new hairdo! stat! as for the space issues, i feel your pain. downsizing from 850 square feet to 500 has been like a cold bucket of water to the face. i never buy more than 4 rolls of TP at a time. nowhere to put it.

    hope ya'll are having fun. miss you.

    PS: kim & maddie say hi!

  2. I second Crystal's comment - you have that nice camera - where is the pic of the new hair?? I redid mine - no more read - all chocolate brown...and I have Bangs! LOL

    Looks like fun! Keep on sharing!

    Love u - Melissa & Justin

  3. Half my work week is done too! Go in on Saturday saying "oh one more day" then on Sunday "oh I have off tomorrow - Yippy" Short and Sweet! I have really enjoyed the blog, I check in every morning!

  4. Crystal and Melissa (Kim, Maddie, Justin, and Brady) I'll post pictures of the new me tomorrow (Monday) in the meantime- Melissa how about sending me a picture of your "new" look?
    Love to you all!


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