Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guys and Dolls

Well, tonight we went to the play Guys and Dolls - for a local theater it was really pretty good - there were actually a couple of the kids that had good voices. Everything was going fine - Dan and I found our seats and the "actors" were doing a little warm up - individuals singing a few songs. The play starts and Dan looks at me and says "I can't stay in here -it's too close". He gets up and leaves - now I think he's going to go outside and cool off a little and then come back. Thirty minutes later, at intermission, he hasn't come back. So, I go out and look for him and find him sitting outside. Now, I'm ready to come back home - if he can't be in there with me I would rather come home. But he insists that I go back in and see the rest of the play. I sit with him for awhile, then go in just as the play was beginning again. I did stay for the whole play, but I did feel a little guilty. After the play we walked over to the Dairy Queen and had a Blizzard/

I told you that we had an appointment this morning and I would tell you all about it today. This was something that Dan and I talked about for quite sometime before we decided to go ahead with this purchase. Believe it or not, Dan was more for getting this than I was. What, you might ask, am I talking about. TV - we have gone without TV for six whole weeks and Dan just couldn't handle it anymore. So, we called and now we have ------- DISH Network. The tech came this morning and installed it - and we have had TV almost all day. Can you guess what Dan missed the most about not having TV service? Would you believe - Good Morning America. The plan we have now is pretty good - 250 channels - DVR receiver - HBO and Showtime for 6 months and a $20.00 discount for 3 months. So, for three months we are paying $24.99 after that it will be $44.99 (when you add taxes it will probably be around $50.00 a month) but now I can watch football next month (I can even record it on the DVR while I'm at work - YIPPEE!!!!)

I did not do laundry today - I will probably go Friday - we might go into Cody tomorrow and do our weekly loop in Yellowstone. We'll see - I'm going to sign off now and hit the sack - do some reading. Thanks for the comments last night guys - it helps me stay motivated to keep writing - keep them coming please! Linda - Dan and I will certainly make a trip up to Signal Mountain on one of our trips - thanks for the recommendation. Crystal and Kim - I hope they don't pay us in moose meat - I don't have any room in the freezer!!!! Finally, Dana, keep the faith , and remember that your Dad and I are siding with Mark! Talk to you all tomorrow.


  1. I know how Dan felt. I get that way when I have to sit thru a play and anticipate going for a Blizzard afterward. It's just hard too concentrate. LOL

    I agree with Linda, a trip up Signal Mtn is well worth it, especially if you go in the late afternoon. Would also recommend a trip over Beartooth Pass on the north end of Yellowstone. Absolutely stunning!


    I wondered how long you would go without TV. Sounds like you got a pretty good package.

  2. Glad you got my message. I'm still not sure I'm doing this whole thing right! You probably know all this, but when you go into Cody, the Buffalo Bill Museum there is certainly worth the entrance fee. Plan on staying quite awhile. Tell Dan there's a whole section devoted just to guns. It's a huge place and probably the best I've ever been in (and I'm not a huge museum freak). Darrell said to tell you that when you go to Signal Mountain, be sure to drive out toward Gros Venture campground and get directions to the Mormon homestead area where many of the famous Ansel Adams photos were taken (with the Tetons in the background). And yes--Beartooth Highway is a definite drive. We travelled it with Dennis and Mary last year. Yeah, for DISH! Darrell had to have it, too.

  3. thanks for the info - we are planning to go the Buffalo Bill Museum when we go to Cody - Dan wants to check on the value of some of his gun "collection". I will definately want to go out to the area that Ansel Adams took pictures - I am no where near his ability, but I love to try. Keep the comments coming we love them!!!!


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