Monday, July 20, 2009

Just a bunch of flowers

Today Dan and I went for a drive over to Quake Lake - and on the way I took some pictures of the wildflowers that are just about everywhere around here. these things are wonderful - I haven't cut any to bring in the house - I just enjoy looking at them everywhere.

Quake Lake is an interesting place - it was formed in 1959 when a 7.5 earthquake caused the side of a mountain to fall into the Madison River - 28 people lost their lives that night when the lake swallowed a campground. The corp of engineers opened a passage for the water to move through and open the river back up and, eventually, the lake will empty - but for now (50 years later) it is still huge and deep. It is pretty awesome to see the slide area and see the cabins that the roofs still stick out of the water on the shoreline. We stopped at the Visitor Center and watched a video on the quake and the aftermath - it sure does make an impression. Anyway, it was an interesting side trip.

I also took some pictures of an eagle that was just sitting in this tree beside the road - it just amazes me to see all this wild life just everywhere. We also saw a deer and a couple of antelope right beside the highway, but Dan couldn't stop so I could get any pictures.

I'm cooking a pizza right now - yeah convection oven!- and we are going to watch the movie Australia tonight - I hope it is an good as the hype. Not sure what will be on tap for tomorrow, but Wednesday is the night we go to the play - I'll do laundry that morning. I'll sign off for now, but come on guys - I can't believe I didn't get any comments on the moose in the neighborhood!!! Hope to hear from you soon! Love to all.


  1. sorry about not leaving you a moose comment. kim and i were too busy chatting back and forth about it. but i will include that interaction below:
    me: "can you believe how big his antlers are?"
    kim: "i know. they're huge. do you think he says 'eh?' a lot?"
    me: " i don't know. he isn't canadian though. it's idaho."
    kim: "well, you never know, he could be on vacation like your parents."
    me: "touche..."

    and that was that...

  2. Okay Crystal - you two make us laugh!!! Thanks for letting us know that you do read this stuff - love ya!

  3. I have been following your escapades since a mutual friend gave me your website. We took a trip to Yellowstone last and were awed at the wild flowers. My wife framed a collage of the photos we took. I think you have already seen more moose than we saw on the whole trip. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. BTW Can you really call what you're doing "work"? Aren't you ashamed to collect your paycheck? LOL


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