Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dan caught a FISH!

Okay - we went back to that little stream that Dan fished in the other day and lo and behold he caught a fish - I didn't get a picture of his fish before he threw it back - but let's just say it was way too little to keep, but the fact is he caught a fish (actually he caught two last night but they were too little to keep also!) He caught some fish and at this rate he is down to about $75.00 for each fish he has thrown back! That's okay - give him time and he'll catch one or more that he can keep!

I did the laundry today and Dan stayed at home and worked in the yard - he used the weed eater and watered the yard - he also washed the front of the 5th wheel that still had bugs on it from the trip out here. I went by the post office and picked up the mail - I paid the three bills that were in the package and went through the rest - some was insurance information and stuff like that. There was some confusing information and I had to make some phone calls. Dan asked me if it was going to be easier next month and I told him yes because we won't have all the final bills from the house. Anyway, that should be everything for the month - at least I hope so. So far, we are still on budget and that is good.

Tomorrow we will take the trip into Montana. As I said last night I'm not sure if we will have any pictures for the blog tomorrow night, but I look forward to the drive. Then it's to work on Saturday and Sunday. (we did close the cabin this afternoon - our neighbor had to go to the play).

I also fixed a blackberry cobbler (Dan called it a crisp) it was a little crisp - but I am still learning to use the convection oven and I only did a half recipe because we only had one package of frozen blackberries. Anyway, I am learning and I'll keep trying until I get it right. Supper tonight was pretty good - chicken, vegetable medley, and corn on the cob. It was pretty good.

Well, I'm not staying on line too long tonight - we are currently watching one of the Indiana Jones movies - "the Last Crusade" (which in my opinion is the best of the series!) So I'll sign off - one more thing - Congratulations to Melissa and Justin on the purchase of their first home!!! Dan and I are sooooo happy for you both!!!! Talk to you all soon.

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