Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warm River

Today Dan and I rode out to Warm River and the cottage that the Forest Service has and rents out. We expected to find a river, but not this waterfall - the temperature of the water coming out of the spring is 50 degrees. it was absolutely beautiful. This is just part of the springs and waterfall, but the full on shot was not a good shot. Anyway, it was a lovely ride and we even saw a marmot - I have a picture of him and I'll post it tomorrow.

Dan is still having some problems with his back - I'm not sure what is going on there, but I threatened to take him to the doctor tomorrow if it isn't better by then. He has been taking ibuprofen, but he told me tonight that he thinks it makes his blood pressure go up. (I need to ask our new RN if that would happen!) Anyway, I told him to lay off for tonight and we would try the heating pad. Hopefully it will better tomorrow - he thinks he needs to see a chiropractor which we don't have around here. We'll see how he is tomorrow. Speaking about tomorrow it the day that I will do the laundry - and then spend a nice quiet day at home.

I've been reading a lot since we left Florida and I have found a new best author. First let me say that I have read just about every Mary Higgins Clark book that she has written, then I started on John Grisham. If you haven't read The Partner I would recommend it - it has more turns and twists than some of these roads around here. Now, my new best author is C. J. Box - I read Free Fire in a day and a half - it was excellent!!! It takes place here in Yellowstone and I think it is really good. I'm now reading Blood Trail - and I'm really enjoying it also. If you like murder mysteries you might like his stuff.

Well, I'm going to sign off for tonight - but, I'm going to leave you with a picture that I hope you can see what is in it. See if you can see the fish - it was taken on another section of Warm River and Dan was throwing out fish food - Hope you can see it.

Finally, I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Dana on becoming a RN - Dan and I both knew that you would pass the boards without a doubt!

Talk with you all tomorrow!


  1. Thanks Dad and Carol...I literally couldn't have done it without your help!!

    As far as the blood pressure..yes Ibuprofin can reduce the effects of blood pressure medication causing the blood pressure to go back up. OK..confession I totally had to look that up!

  2. so warm river is actually a balmy 50 degress, huh? interesting...seems the pioneers had a sense of humor after all.

  3. Congrats Dana on becoming an RN! That is awesome!


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