Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just another Sunday

Hello all - we are finished for another week - today was very busy again which really surprised us - we really thought that people would be leaving this afternoon to go back home, but we were busy right up until we closed at 4:00. The really nice thing about being that busy is the time really goes by quickly.

Not much happened today - no new moose pictures or any other wild life - just a normal day at the "office". We are really trying to figure out what we will do this coming week - I know that we are going to have to call the satellite people because we are not getting the local channels - so we'll call the installer in the morning and see what we need to do (we were getting them yesterday, but we had a huge storm last night and we haven't gotten them since). Dan says we will go over to Cody this week - probably make it an overnight trip, but we will have to make sure to find a place that is "doggy" friendly (actually stay in a hotel/motel - WOW!) We want to go to the museum and the gun museum, plus there are a couple of other places that we would like to see in that area (a Japanese holding camp from WW2 that they have set up with a visitor's center and the redone the barracks and all - should be interesting). Anyway, that is a couple of days out of the week - we'll see what else will develop.

I'm really surprised that we didn't hear from anyone about the moose pictures yesterday - I mean I thought they were really great and not a word from anyone. Oh well, I hope to hear from all of you next week. BTW - Melissa and Justin, I absolutely love the new house and we are looking forward to seeing it for ourselves in November. Talk with you later!


  1. Hi ya'll...Wow, I've been away from your blog for awhile! What awesome pics!!! We've been to the beach (yep - now we've added July to our annual Longboat Key trip list) and with all the rains I've had to do some serious weeding in my flower garden (it's 150 ft. long and about 50 ft. wide - lots of weeding). Have a great week. :-)Ruth Anne

  2. While you're in Cody, check out the Dairy Queen. I had the best sandwich there I've ever had. As far as the museum, break it into two visits so that you won't hurry. One of the best museums I have ever visited. Now the moose pictures were good. Ugly animal, but good pics. LOL

  3. Thanks for the comments guys - Dennis I will be sure to take Dan to the Dairy Queen - I'm sure he will enjoy it!


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