Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Grand Tetons

Today was a very interesting day, as maybe you can tell from the photo's. Let me begin at the beginning.
I FINALLY was able to get the house clean - YEAH!!!- and then Dan wanted to take a back road over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Since I had the house cleaned, I was up for anything. The only problem, as I saw it, was the puppies - if we are going to Jackson Hole to go shopping (Dan wants a new Stetson) then we need to leave them at home - if we are just riding we need to take them with us. Dan decided he wants to shop (Dan WANTS TO SHOP!! - What is the world coming to - oh yeah, HE wants a new Stetson). Anyway, we decide to leave the puppies at home.
Now, I'm all ready to go to Jackson and do some shopping, but, as I said before, Dan wants to take a scenic route across the mountains on a gravel road that we have been told is "a little rough" - in everyday language means - you better have 4 wheel drive on your vehicle and know how to use it. Off we go for, what we think will be a four hour trip. The third picture down is one of the road BEFORE it got rough! Now, while the road was VERY rough, the scenery was absolutely beautiful as the first picture shows. This is one of the many streams and creeks that we either passed or went over (or through). It took us 2 hours and 45 minutes just to get over the mountain on this gravel road (45 miles of gravel/dirt road). Then we had another 59 miles into Jackson - which meant another 1 hour and 45 minutes - due to road construction.
Now, we have been gone from the pups for over 4 hours and still have at least a 2 hour trip to get back home. Dan does NOT like to leave the pups longer than 6 hours - so NO SHOPPING for us. We just ride through Jackson - get stuck in a horrible thunder storm on the way back over the mountain. 6 hours and 10 minutes after we left - we get home. The girls are glad to see us and all is well.
I did take lots of pictures, and I even got a picture of a buffalo - actually we saw a herd, but one was out by his/her self and I got a couple of really nice pictures of it. But that was all the wildlife we saw today (bummer!).
We had a great day and saw some beautiful country. Yellowstone is next! Can't wait - maybe tomorrow???? Check in tomorrow and see.


  1. Beautiful! Hey...I do you guys have an e-mail address (if so..I would like it) Gotta keep you posted on the going on's around here!

  2. you know the only way the puppies are going to get used to being alone? IF YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE!

    did you ever think that maybe, maybe they like having some time alone? away from you two. to hatch their next dastardly dachshund plan. i'm sure they would be fine for up to 8 hours. come one, you can do it...


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