Monday, June 14, 2010

Weather is better

Today the weather cleared up some - it was only partly cloudy with a few scattered showers - it only sprinkled here a couple of times, but most of the day was pretty. It was still pretty cool - I think the high today was 53 with a slight breeze- I haven't worn anything but long sleeve t-shirts and a flannel shirt or windbreaker since we have been here. Even when the sun is shining it still isn't hot - I think the highest temperature we have seen has been 73. I'm not complaining - I can always put on a sweatshirt if I need to - in fact, we read somewhere that the way to tell a "true" Alaskan is - they wear rubber boots (check), faded jeans (check) and a hooded sweatshirt (well, I have them, but I don't usually wear them - so I guess I'm not a "true" Alaskan)!

Today I did another load of laundry - made the chicken chili in the crock pot - we did a couple of rounds in the campground - although we don't have that many people in the campground - only 27 out of 69 spaces are taken. Tomorrow we will do our "heavy" cleaning. We won't do a "GI" on the bathrooms this week - just really hit them all with the Lysol and scrub free. It won't be that bad.

We also went down to Safeway to return the movies and we rented three more (at this rate, video rental is going to be our biggest expense LOL). I did NOT like the movie last night - too much blood and guts. Tonight we watched Leap Year with Amy Adams. It was really cute (even Dan said it was a cute movie). Not something that was intellectual but just entertaining. We also rented I Am Legend with Will Smith and The Time Traveler's Wife (can you guess who rented what?) Dan also wants to rent Sherlock Holmes - I guess that will be next. I'll keep you informed.

On the way home from Safeway we decided to drive down Montana Creek Road which turns off the road that the campground is located on and the road dead ends into the creek- this is it. It was really a pretty little creek and Dan thinks there would be some good fishing in it, but I don't think he will be doing any fishing here - it is just too expensive. He is now talking about taking one of the fishing charters that the cruise people take - you don't have to worry about fishing licenses (they handle all that ) and they provide the boat and everything. So, we'll see how that goes.

I also got all the paperwork done that I have to turn in at the end of every week. I also got our daily expense report caught up to date. That is about all I did today - not real busy. Not sure what we have planned for next week, but I am sure we will figure something out and you will be the first to know. For now, I think I'll sign off. Oh, before I do, the first picture tonight was taken out at The Shrine of St. Theresa last week. Just thought you guys would like to see a picture of Dan.

Hope your weekend was a productive one. Take care and ---------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

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