Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boy oh Boy What a Day!

Goodness - today was a day! This was the first time that we "G I" cleaned the bathrooms and it was work! First you sweep the floors, then you go through and spray everything down with the cleaner, them scrub the toilets, sinks, showers and shower floors. Then drag the mats in the shower house outside and scrub them down. Then you get the garden hose and spray everything down in the bathrooms and shower houses. Then you squeegee the water out. We did that in four buildings today - not counting cleaning the vaults. I was asked how many bathrooms and how many vaults we clean. Well, there are two bathrooms with two stalls on each side (two women's and two men's) so 8 flush toilets. Then there are 7 vault stations each with a men and women's side so that another 14. Then there are 8 showers stalls that we clean also and 8 sinks. The cleaning doesn't get to me, but using the squeegee sure did get to my back! Oh well, it will get us into shape!

Speaking of getting into shape - one of the law enforcement officers that comes into the park was talking to us the other day and something was said about bikes - and how much they cost up here. He asked us if we wanted a bike - which Dan said that we did - the officer said that he had an extra bike in his garage that he had bought for his wife (who is a triathlon) but it was the wrong kind of bike for her - so it was just sitting in his garage and he would bring it to us so we could use it. Well, he brought it out today and it is a really nice bike. Dan asked him if he would like to sell it and he called his wife and asked her - she said she would sell it for $50.00. I'm pretty sure that we have bought a bike. I took it on a ride around the park today and it is an easy ride (although once again, I realize how out of shape I really am!). However, if I ride some everyday I should be able to get back into shape by the time we leave here. That will be my goal.

Late this afternoon we ran into Walmart and bought a few groceries - not much bread, chips, corn on the cob, cream cheese, garlic bread ( for the spaghetti I am fixing tomorrow night for dinner). Then on the the way home Dan took me to McDonald's for dinner cause I am just exhausted. After getting home and putting the few groceries away we made our evening rounds - we are far from full but we do have quite a few people in the park (even one couple from Florida!) Now, we are home for the evening - and I think I am going to go in and take a nice hot shower and see if that will help my sore back.

I hope that your Monday went well - Melissa enjoy your vacation! Crystal, I got my Nook up and going today - it actually gets a better WiFi connection than the laptop gets an Internet connection - go figure!!!! Cara - hope you have a Happy Birthday tomorrow (Tuesday)! Everyone else have a GREAT evening and --------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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