Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little bit of trouble

The pictures on the blog tonight I took yesterday when we were on North Douglas Island - this is a shot of the glacier looking across the Channel - it gives you a little better perspective of just how large the glacier really is - and how much territory it actually covers. Anyway, I thought you might like to see another look at it.
This is the point on the end of the island - from what we understand it is a very big fishing area and there were some people there when we were there. I didn't see anyone catch anything, but that doesn't mean that they weren't catching fish. I just thought it was a beautiful spot.
Now, let's get the the reason for the title of this blog. Everything had been going very well here in the campground until today - the day started out well. Dan and I sat outside and had our coffee and he fixed his world famous (just kidding) "Dan McMuffins". Some of the campers came up and we were talking about what they had done yesterday and about the road into Tok (you remember - that absolutely horrible road!) and just stuff like that - when, another couple came up and told us that we had some drunks in the campground that were scaring and harassing people. Well, Dan got in the truck and told me to call Law Enforcement (either Dan or Mike). Well, I try to reach them and they aren't answering their cells. Now, I don't know if I should call the Juneau Police Department or what and I'm a little worried about Dan going down there by himself because you never know what drunks are going to do. Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter - Dan came back and said that he had things calmed down and everything was okay. We decided to do our rounds and while we were at the first bathhouse one of the people that were at the "problem" site comes up to me complaining that people were racist and wanted us to do something about it - well, I just told him to go back to his camp spot and leave other people alone. Law Enforcement showed up a little while later (they weren't on duty) and told us that if they gave us any further trouble just to call JPD and have them evicted from the campground. Fun, fun, fun!
After all that we decided that we needed a little break - so we went into town to check on maybe getting a different Internet service while we are here since things are so "iffy" with the service. We have a hard line here at the site, but the service is not turned on. We thought that if we had the phone turned on that we would be able to Internet on it - WRONG! We would have to buy another air card and pay another $50.00 a month. Also, since we didn't want to sign a 2 year contract we had to buy the air card for $100.00 on top of the $50.00 a month - that would have been $250 for three months PLUS having to pay for the Verizon card. We decided that that was just too much money -and I could deal with the getting knocked off and being frustrated. (I can take a lot of frustration for $250!).
We came back home and I started the laundry and straightened up the house. Did two loads and washed my ACIS shoes - while cooking dinner last night I dropped the tongs on my foot and got spaghetti sauce all other the top of my shoe - well, guess what - it doesn't come out. Anyway - at least my shoes are clean except for the little bit of light red that stained the material on the top of the right shoe - I can live with that. Tomorrow I'll do the towels and then we will be all caught up again.
Not much else happened today - tonight all is calm in the campground (let's hope it stays that way!) I hope that your Wednesday went well and remember it's "hump" day and everything else is all down hill. Oh, I rode my bike around the campground again tonight - it's just going to take riding it everyday to get back into shape. I'm determined!!!!

Well, I thought I would leave you with these beautiful flowers that were in someones yard over on Douglas Island - I think they are poppies, but I am not sure - I'm sure someone out there can set me straight! You guys take care - enjoy the pictures and ------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Don't suppose you considered dropping the tongs on the other shoe so that you would have a matched pair. LOL I'm enjoying your posts and the pictures are breathtaking. What a life.

  2. Hey! Now that's an idea - at least they would match!!! I know, I know, it's such a "hard" life but someone's got to do it, why not us? LOL!

  3. Finally able to catch up on your blog. So responding to several days. Love the pictures. Wondered if you were able to get to the Red Dog! Alaskan Amber sounds good. Are you having some sun every day? You guys are really cooking up some great food. We'll try to keep up to date with you now that we are getting back to middle Michigan.


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