Friday, June 11, 2010

Really, Really Short and Sweet

It is raining and I don't know how long I'll have Internet service - took me about 15 minutes just to get on. Anyway, we have done our rounds for tonight - going to go in and crawl up in the bed and watch a movie (thanks Melissa and Justin for the Christmas present!) Last Chance Harry. This was my choice - we watched Avatar last night and it was much better than I thought it would be.

All is quiet in the campground - we still have some campers, but not nearly as many as last Friday night. We checked the bathrooms this morning before the rain really started and then came home and just sorta snuggled in - Dan went out a couple of times to answer questions but we didn't even have that many people coming in to the park.

I cheated tonight and Dan went up to Fred Myers and got some chicken and potato wedges for dinner - I had taken out chicken but it didn't thaw out. Tomorrow night we will have chicken chili for dinner - I think it will be good on a nice cool evening with the rain - oh, BTW the high today was 53 before it started to drop it is now 46 at 8:00.

Well, I'm not going to push my luck - I'm going to sign off for tonight - I hope that you are warm and dry where ever you are. Take care and have a great weekend!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. Chicken Chili does sound wonderful for a cool-rainy evening. We are traveling in lower Michigan today - just missing thunder storms along the way. There are so many state parks in Michigan. We like the ones in the upper pen. - cooler and less crowed. However, some of those parks are isolated from good shopping locations. We will keep notes for you for future possibilities for hosting.

  2. Thanks Carol and Neil - we'll look forward to seeing what you come up with for us a "new job" in the U.P.


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