Wednesday, June 9, 2010

North Douglas Island

After we did our rounds this morning and checked on all the bathrooms (had to make sure they all had toilet paper in them and were still clean) we decided to drive over to North Douglas Island and have a look around. It was a nice drive - but I don't think it was as pretty as "the end of the road" was. We did stop and take a few pictures. This is one of the ferries that was headed up to either Skagway or Haines.
Then we decided to take a side road that said "Eagleton Ski Area" - it was a much prettier drive with Fish Creek crossing back and forth under the road - it was a beautiful creek and I'm sure that later in the season there will be salmon running up it and bear along it. We drove back to the end of this road which ended at the Ski area that they are now using with zip lines (have to get the tourist dollars while they can). There were some of the cruise boat passengers lining up getting ready to go off into the woods where the zip line was set up. That is one thing that I have always thought would be fun to do - but I would rather do one in the Amazon or somewhere that you are really high in the trees. I don't know - I just don't think of a zip line in Alaska.

Anyway, on our way back down to the main road we stopped by Fish Creek again and there were these woodpeckers - they are not as big as the ones we have back home but they were certainly pretty.
After we left Douglas Island we stopped at Fred Myers just to look around - this store is really pretty amazing - it is sorta a combination of Fresh Market and Kohl's and Bass Outdoor all in one. It is a huge store and I think everyone shops at "Fred's". The parking lot is always full and they seem to have all the bargains - Seriously, they have everything from groceries to furniture to books to tents and guns to clothes and shoes and jewelry (even a bridal shop). It is quite an adventure just to walk through the store. We did buy me a new seat for my bike (yep, we bought the bike today for $50.00) - this seat has gel in it and it is much more comfy for my little bottom. (I even rode it down to tell a camper that the site they had been wanting opened up today and they are going to move down to it).
We came home and I cooked dinner -spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. Turned out pretty good. Dan has already had his shower and is reading the paper that we picked up at "Freddy's" and I'm ready to go take mine. I hope that your day was as nice as ours. Take care and -----------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. Kroger is the parent company of Fred Meyer. They are all over the state of Washington. I enjoy roaming the store when we are there.

    I thoroughly enjoy following your blog.

  2. Nice pix of North Douglas . . looks like the rain is still holding off. . .


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