Thursday, June 10, 2010

Very Short and Sweet

The rain has moved in - it is suppose to rain starting today through Monday - right through the weekend - we'll see how that affects that number of people who decide to camp.

Today was pretty much a do nothing day - we did make a couple of rounds in the campground - checked the bathrooms and restocked the toilet paper and made sure they were clean - actually had to "GI" one of the bathrooms on the Auto Loop - someone had stepped in dog poo and tracked it into the bathroom! Oh well, it could have been worse!

This afternoon we went in to one of the thrift stores in town just to look around - didn't buy anything except two books for me for ten cents each - I have plenty of reading material now - I have two books on my Nook (one I am reading now - J.D. Robb - and then I have the Laura Bush book to read). I also have 9 paperbacks that I have picked up in second hand bookstores on the trip - while we were in Canada my Nook didn't work and so I picked up a lot of books to keep me busy - I think that I have plenty to read now and won't be buying anymore for a while!

When we got home I was able to go online and do some more research for jobs for next summer - there isn't much I can find in Vermont, but I am looking in other areas of the Northeast and we'll see what we can find. I did apply for one with the National Parks Service where we would be Visitor Center Hosts - should be interesting. I found one I would have loved to have done - it was as an interpretative host in the Ford Theater in Washington DC - you could dress in period costume if you wanted - but there was no housing (RV spot) provided - so that just wouldn't work out - it sure would have been fun though!!!

Tonight I fixed beef and bean burritos and Santa Fe Rice for dinner - cleaned up the kitchen - did our evening rounds and now we are going to watch a movie (we picked up three today to watch since the weather is suppose to be bad all weekend) so I'm going to sign off for tonight. I hope that you are having a good week and ---------

I'll talk to you tomorrow (if I can get on line)!

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