Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rain, Beautiful Rain!

It is raining - wonderful rain, and even though I have a headache I love the rain! I hope it continues until late Sunday night - with buckets and buckets of rain on Saturday night. Why? Well Saturday night, at midnight, is when the city of Juneau sets off their fireworks and if it is raining buckets of rain people won't want to come out to the campground afterwards to "party". So yes, it is being selfish - and I don't mind campers - that's is why we are here. But I do mind party people and trouble makers. Maybe I am being over cautious - but from what the locals have told us I'm not.

We talked to Dave (the law Enforcement officer) yesterday and we are thinking about coming up with a color coded paper for campers to put on their dashboard and if you don't have the paper you don't get in after 10. I think that is a good idea. We will work on it and see if it is feasible. IF it continues to rain then it won't be a problem - we only have 12 spots taken in the campground now and 5 of those of tourists in large motorhomes/5th wheels - we don't have to worry about them.

Okay, enough of the worry about the 4th - what did we do today? Not a whole lot. We did our rounds and checked the bathrooms (everything was okay) then we stayed in for most of the afternoon. Late today we went in to Safeway and rented three more movies - it will give us something to do while we are inside. Tomorrow night we are going down to one of the campers campsites for dinner (they have been in the campground before and we have sorta gotten to know them, so they invited us to dinner). Should be interesting.

Dan fixed dinner tonight and I know that my children will not believe me but I promise it is true. We had fish for dinner and I ate it. Dolly Varden is the name of the fish (no kidding) and it is a very mild fish. We had never had it before and another camper gave Dan two baggies of it the other day that he had caught. We put one in the freezer and then we fixed the other tonight. We had it on a bed of wild rice and put some black bean and corn salsa on it. It was really pretty good. I told Dan that here I was drinking water, eating fish and wild rice. You can't get much healthier than that!

We have done our evening rounds already and Dan went down to have a beer with Mary and Mike (the campers we are having dinner with tomorrow night). I didn't want to go - wanted to get the blog done and, since I don't drink beer, I just didn't want to go sit out in the rain. Plus my head still hurts so I didn't figure the smoke from the fire would do it any good. Anyway, I stayed home with the pups.

I really don't have anything else to report - it is quiet around here. I hope that you all are having a good week. Take care and --------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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