Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting into a Routine

The days are starting to be routine - we get up in the morning and have coffee and then at around 8:30 Dan fixes breakfast (sometimes he fixes it outside in his "kitchen" but most of the time he fixes it inside due to the weather)- by the time we eat and get the kitchen cleaned and then take a shower it's time to do our morning rounds. Check campsites and clean the bathrooms - check the vaults and do what needs to be done there - back to the 'house' and it's lunchtime. I fix something for lunch - usually some sandwich made from leftovers ( bar-b-que chicken from left over chicken breasts or bbq pork from the left over pork roast) or we might have a hot dog or I might have made egg salad.

Anyway, after lunch we either go into town if we need something, but usually we do something around the campsite (wash the unit) or straighten up something that needs to be straightened. Sometimes I do a load or two of laundry and clean the house. Then Dan says its nap time - I might get on the computer while he takes a nap. Then it's time to fix supper then do our evening rounds. Come in - watch a movie and Dan locks the gates at 10. Go to bed and read before turning out the light around 11 or 11:30. Pretty boring right?

Of course, anytime in there we answer questions and go into the campground to help anyone that needs assistance - or go back to a bathhouse if we have a clogged toilet or drain.

Today we went into to Walmart and picked up a couple of cheap hooded sweatshirts (the high temperature here stays around 52 to 53 degrees - so a sweatshirt feels good!) and then we went by Western Auto to get a new headlight for the truck - one had burned out while on the road, but this was the first chance Dan had to get a new light (plus we had to figure out how to get the old lamp out and put the new one in - he had to buy a special wrench which they had at Western Auto too). So that was his little project today. We also rode into town just to see how many ships were in port - 4 - NCL ,Celebrity, and two Princess.

Well, I've bored you enough for one day about our routine. I hope you guys are having a good week - take care and ---------------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. oh how i miss highs of 52 or 53. it's high 90's every day already. too hot to do anything.

  2. Jennuy - That's why we are not in FL in the summer - way TOO Hot!


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