Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Okay - it is suppose to be raining - but it isn't. At least, not yet. It sure is overcast enough to rain and it feels like it should be raining - just nothing is falling out of the sky yet. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe by holding off a day it will be sure to rain this weekend. We talked to the Forest Service's Law Enforcement officer today and he is praying for rain also. The only thing I do know is - this time next week it will be all over with and the worst of the summer will be behind us. I'll keep you posted on how things go.

Dan and I have decided that we are going to do a walking exercise program - it was featured in Family Circle and the program is endorsed by the American Heart Association. It is a twelve week program which means that we will be in week 12 when we leave here. It starts out nice and slow and builds up. We started it today - and walked our required 20 minutes around the park (actually down one of the trails that I hadn't walked yet). Then after we did our rounds we took the girls on a walk through the woods. This is not in the program - but we figure it can't hurt us to walk a little more than what they say - plus it is good for the girls too. We saw some bear signs - so I told Dan that we will need to be sure and make noise when we are walking - especially if we don't have the dogs with us. (Yes, when we are out like that we make sure to keep the dogs in sight.)

We had to go into "town" and get fuel today -we are having to buy fuel about every 10 days which isn't too bad. Dan is still gripping about having to use our vehicle to make rounds with - he thinks that the Forest Service should provide a vehicle for us to use. Part of the reason he doesn't like using the truck is it is a diesel and it is not made to stop and go like we have to do when doing our rounds, but there is so much stuff that we need to carry with us to clean with that it is just not practical to use the bikes. Oh well, it gives him something to think about.

Not much else is happening right now -it might be the calm before the storm - remember to pray for rain! I guess I'll close for tonight. Hope you are having a good week. Take care and -----------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

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