Thursday, June 24, 2010

Governor's Picnic

Today was a better day - as far as the weather is concerned. It just drizzled off and on today. It was still cool - the high today was 49 degrees - and with the rain, it was a little uncomfortable. I wore my sweatshirt, but that just wasn't enough today - had to add the rain jacket for that little extra bit of warmth.

This afternoon was the Governor's Picnic at Sandy Beach on Douglas Island. So, even though it was rainy and cool Dan decided to drive over and have dinner "with" the Governor of Alaska.

We got there fairly early - actually about 4:15 (it started at 4) and there was already a crowd there. We got in the food line - we didn't even know what they were going to be serving - and received a hot dog with your choice of ketchup, mustard, and/or pickle relish, chips (a variety of choices), a cookie (again - a variety of choices) and salmon. I did not get a piece of salmon, but I did eat of bite of Dan's and I would have to say it was pretty good. We also had a choice of several different soft drinks (Dan got a Coke - I got a Root Beer). It wasn't that much, but it was free.

After we ate Dad decided he wanted to get a picture of me with the people who had served us - so we went back over and asked if we could take a picture. They were very kind and said "sure" -------------------

I leaned in and we have a picture of me with Governor Sean Parnell and his wife, Sandy. In case you are wondering what is in his hand - it's hot dogs. Both he and his wife were serving people who got in their line and thanking them for coming. Very down to earth and every friendly couple. Dan explained to them who we were (camp hosts at Mendenhall Lake and were from the great state of Florida ) and they apologized for all the rain. Anyway, it made for an interesting diversion today.

Now, for a little background on what has been happening for the last few days. Wednesday was pretty uneventful. Just lots of rain - we did go into the grocery store and pick up a few things - the other day when I talked to my mom, she was cooking some Chicken and Yellow Rice and ever since Dan has been wanting some. Well, you can't find yellow rice around here (guess people in Alaska don't eat southern food). So a few days ago, I came home and really looked in the pantry and lo and behold, I found a box of yellow rice. We picked up a whole cut-up chicken
at the store, along with a turkey breast, a ham slice, some pork ribs, and a pizza for dinner that night - I think I already told you that we also picked up some movies. Wednesday night we watched The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - not too bad.

Thursday we woke to more rain - now, this was not a little drizzle - it was a good downpour all day long. Dan had a bucket sitting on the side table by the fire pit and it is full - probably about four inches. Anyway, it was a total wash out of a day. I did fix the chicken and yellow rice for dinner and a loaf of fresh Italian Herb bread (really good!). We were watching the movie (Prairie Home Companion) last night when we discovered that the carpet under the couch was soaked. Now, we felt the wall - no it wasn't wet, checked to make sure the windows were closed - yep, they were shut. So, why was the carpet wet??? Well, Dan thinks that there was a leak on the outside under one of the windows. So, he caulked that window today and we have been trying to get the carpet dry since last night. It is not getting any wetter, so MAYBE he has the problem solved. We are using the heaters and Dan bought some small conduit pipe to put under the carpet to get the heat up under it. So far, this seems to be working well.

We have done our rounds for tonight and now Dan is watching his movie (The Book of Eli ). When I finish up the blog tonight I will read some (this is just not my kind of movie - can you tell, I don't like blood and guts?) I hope that you all are doing well and that you are dry and warm where ever you are.

Take care and ---------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. It's always something with these trailers. Our water pump wouldn't work at Lake St. Mary when we had no water hook up. Ted has changed both fuses and checked the electric. We're stopping at the factory on the way home to get it changed out. Sure hope Dan's caulking has done the trick with your wet carpet!


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