Monday, June 7, 2010

A Quiet day in the campground (sorta)

Yahoo!!! I've been trying to post this picture for three days - I took this the day we went to "the end of the road". That was also the night that I got so frustrated with the Internet that I just gave up and went to bed. Anyway, I thought I would try one more time and ta da - there it is. (Hope you enjoy!)

Today was really a pretty quiet day in the campground. We were full last night and even had to move a couple of people around just to get everyone in where they needed to be. Funny, we were told by the rangers that we wouldn't be full anymore - not after Memorial Day weekend, but guess what - they were wrong. Of course, tonight a lot of people have left and we are down to only 35 campsites taken out of 69. We thought we were going to have a mess in one of the bathrooms, but we went down and checked it out and it was okay (thank goodness!!! That is one little thing that I am not looking forward to - cleaning up someone else's mess - if you know what I mean!) So far, things have been okay - even when we have to clean the vault toilets (for those of you that don't know what a vault is - it's a glorified outhouse - so really not my idea of a good time. But, as I said, so far they haven't been bad to clean.)

We do have one couple in the campground that could be a royal pain in the you know where - they were here for the Celebration 2010 and are Native American (I don't know which tribe they are from). Anyway, he is not playing with a full deck - and is VERY needy. Then guess what my lovely husband did - he gave them my cell phone number!!!!! I just about died - he has already called once - I didn't answer and he left a message - They are going to stay for 8 more days (oh glory!!). Dan is suppose to tell him that we don't answer the phone and to leave a message and that we turn the phone off at night - which I will have to do while they are here. I just can't believe he did that!!!! I'm sure it will all work out, but I'll be glad when the next 8 days have passed and they are gone.

It is hard to believe that we have already been here two weeks! Time seems to be moving very quickly. Tomorrow will be the cleaning day in the park - have to make sure all the bathrooms and showers are clean after the weekend. We check them everyday and they look okay -but the floors need to be swept and it's time to give the showers a good "GI cleaning", but then all we will have to do the rest of the week is just check them daily to see if anything needs to be done. We have just about worked out a system between us - so it really doesn't take all that long. Then we will have the rest of the week to go and do things during the day.

Well, I really don't have much else to report today - we pretty much just stayed here at the campground to make sure that things ran smoothly and if anyone had any problems we were here to solve them. So, I guess I'll sign off for tonight. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and ---------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. Did you ever figure out the issue with your nook? You know you can buy and download a book onto your laptop and them upload it to your nook if you can't get a good enough 3G or WiFi signal.

  2. Hi Dona - There are 7 vaults - 2 restrooms with 2 stalls in each side (male and female) and 2 shower houses with 2 showers in each side - so a total of 15 toilets and 8 showers and 8 sinks. Of course, we also have to clean the floors and pick up trash as well as clean the campsites and firerings. It keeps us busy about 4 hours a day on average - not counting our rounds and doing reservation sites. Hope that helps and answers your question - glad you are enjoying the blog!

    Crystal - I'm going to try the Nook again today - if it doesn't work I'll try the laptop thing (of course, with the trouble I have with the internet - with my luck I would be in the middle of downloading and it would kick me off!) LOL - I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. Opps - I miss counted - there are a total of 22 toilets we clean - on the 7 vaults there are women and men sides - so 14 vaults and 8 flush for a total of 22.


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