Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dahlonega and Amicola Falls

Today was a good day - it started out this morning with breakfast with Carol and Neil before they left for home. While the visit was a very short one, it was sure nice to be able to spend some time with them. Neil said something today that really started Dan and I thinking - he told us today that this would probably be the last time they see us for at least nine months. When he said that it made me really stop and think about what we are talking about doing this winter and next summer. It could be very possible that we will not see our kids for a year or more. That is a little scary - I'm not sure if I'm okay with that. It will have to be something that Dan and I discuss some more before any final plans are made.

After Neil and Carol left we came back to the house and spent about an hour with the girls and then decided that we would take a little trip today - so we went over to Dahlonega - which is known for being a 'gold rush' town. The first ever gold rush in the country was in the Dahlonega area. This is the old court house which has been turned into the gold museum. There are quite a few nice shops around the town square that we enjoyed walking through. We did actually buy something today - we found a dish towel that has a pine cone on it that we bought to hang on the oven door - just for decoration, but it looks nice. The first picture is of the plaque in the town square - I don't think you can read what it says, but it was very interesting - how newly weds go around the square three times for good luck in their marriage and other things like that.

After we left Dahlonega we decided to take a little side trip and go over to Amicola Falls State Park - it was only about 15 miles from Dahlonega and we thought we should check it out in case we might want to come and host at this park.

This is the lodge - which is really pretty nice - much newer than the Lodge here at "our" park, but I really didn't like the modernness of it - I like our wood Lodge and the nice feeling you get from it. However, I couldn't fault the view from the lodge and all the glass certainly helped with that.

This was the view from the right outside the Lodge - pretty nice huh? We went into the campground and rode around - not at all like our campground - not nearly as pretty nor as many trees. Plus, the road up to the campground would be a very hard pull with our rig -very steep - the only thing up in the campground were pop ups and tents. I don't think this will be a park for us. There were some nice things about the park though.

This is a view of the falls from down at the very bottom. They have stairs that you can either walk up or down - if you are brave enough or in shape enough to do. There are 624 stairs and I think I could walk DOWN them, but I know that there is NO WAY I would be able to walk up to the top. Not unless I had all day to do it - then maybe.

This is the creek that makes up the falls - it is hard to believe that a creek this small and not very deep could make a water fall like the one in the previous picture. Anyway, it was very pretty and I am glad that we went over to the park to see it.
We got home around 3 this afternoon - we ate at Chick Filet on the way home (actually it was in Dahlonega which we had to go back through to get back home). So neither Dan nor I were very hungry tonight - so we decided that we would clean out the refrigerator. We have eaten everything that had been cooked now except for a few baked beans and a little bit of chili which we will eat after work tomorrow. I'll fix a couple of hot dogs and warm up the chili to go with them and finish up the beans. That will be a good lunch and clean the refrigerator out at the same time. I did take out some Taliapa filets to fix for dinner tomorrow night - I'm not sure how that will go - I am NOT a big fish eater (actually I don't like fish at all), but I think I can learn to eat Taliapa since it is a white fish and isn't suppose to taste "fishey". We'll see.
I hope that tonight was a little more interesting reading than the last few nights (weeks) has been. I know that the blog has not been very good lately - but we just haven't done too much. I guess that is part of the thing - even when you are full timer's you don't do exciting stuff all the time. I hope to make things more interesting the next few days. The plan for the next week is - We work tomorrow morning - then Saturday morning I am the Easter bunny for the Easter egg hunt here in the park (don't really know how that will play out, but I'll be sure to let you know!). Sunday, we are planning on going into Franklin to our church for Easter services. We work again on Monday (that's one of the 11 to 3 days) - after work we plan on going down to Atlanta to my Mom's and see if we can get all the planning done for her birthday party on the 24th. We plan on staying there Monday night and Tuesday night and come home on Wednesday - Work on Thursday. So that takes care of the week. Now, we'll see how close we come to sticking with the "plan".
I'm going to sign off now - I'm going to go in and read for just a little while and then go to bed - I'm tired (we got up early this morning and have to get up early in the morning too). Any way - I hope you are having a great week and I hope the blog tonight was more interesting. Thanks for sticking with me!
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!!

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