Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glad to be home!

Well, Spring still has not completely come to the mountains yet, but there are more signs every day. This plant is right beside our camp site and has these beautiful yellow flowers on it. There are more and more dogwood opening in town, but not in the mountains yet. The time will come.

Of course, it is suppose to start raining tomorrow and get cooler (in the high 60's) so we'll see when the dogwood will open here. I think that it is later this year than when we were living in Franklin - we always had dogwood in April. I think this spring is going to be as crazy as this winter was.

We left Mom's this morning and went out to Fort Yargo State Park to make reservations for the end of the month (you know, for Mom's birthday). Well, it is a good thing we did because they don't have any openings. Well, I'll rephrase that - they had a opening on Thursday night but not Friday night, so that won't work. So, we will have to rethink our plans - right now Dan is thinking that we will just leave the unit here and go and stay at Mom's then come back and get the unit and leave from here on Monday morning. I guess that is what we will do unless I can figure out something else.

A couple of our friends from Dowling Park are suppose to be here tomorrow afternoon/night. They are heading home from Kentucky where they had to take a load of clothes to a ministry there. Anyway, we will be glad to see them even if it only for the night.

We work in the morning - don't know how busy we will be - the park is pretty full, so we might be very busy. I'll try and get some of the new merchandise out if I have a chance. If not, we will get it out sooner or later.

I have to tell you about our newest thing - Dan just fell in love with the bread that our neighbor made for us so we HAD to have one too. I ordered it on Amazon the other day and it came today - so ------------------------

this is our new bread machine.

This is the first batch of bread that I am attempting to make - it is suppose to be ready in three hours - I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow!
Until then - take care and ----------------------
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!

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