Monday, April 5, 2010


We got a late start coming down to mom's today. We couldn't get people out of the store - it was after 3:30 before we could lock the door (we are suppose to close at 3:00). Anyway, by the time we got the doors locked and the reports done and all the paperwork balanced it was close to 4:15. Then it was home to load the pups and get all our stuff in the truck. By the time everything was done and we were on the way it was close to 5:00 which meant we didn't get down to Mom's till almost 7:30.

We sat around and talked for awhile and my brother came up and we made some plans for the party - you know, the food was the main thing - I think we will end up having the party at Mike and Margie's church - they have a playground for the kids and we can use the recreation hall for the party (and I don't think we have to pay for anything). I think we got it all figured out and that will all be taken care of. That wasn't really that hard to come to an agreement on. (wonder of wonders!) We are going to go down to the church tomorrow and check it out - but if Mom and my brother are happy it's not a big deal to me where it is held (not worth arguing about).

The only other thing that I want to make sure I get done while we are here is my nails (I know that I talk about that a lot - but for the first time in a long time my nails actually look half way decent and the polish doesn't come off - plus my "bad" nail is growing out!!) Dan has a few projects that mom would like for him to do for her - like putting up some black out shades in the bedroom where she has moved all her quilting material. He will also probably take the hitch out of the truck and go to Lowes and pick up a pallet of mulch for mom (at least WE don't have to put it out - sorry, Mike!)

Not much else is happening right now - I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow on the blog. Hope your first day of the week went well and ------------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

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