Friday, April 2, 2010

First flowers in the trees

Today was a busy day at work - we actually had customers - the campground is almost full for the first time since we have been here. There are a lot of families here and a bunch of tent campers. We have really been surprised at the number of tent campers there are - and the type of campers. The first part of this week we had a girl by herself tent camping just a few spaces up from us. Of course, we have families galore - but we have been a little surprised at the number of families with little kids - I mean toddlers up to about 3. Then you have your typical families with kids that are 8 to 12. What I have also been somewhat surprised at is the number of guys tent camping. You would think there would be quite a few - NOT. I would say that the number of girls by themselves, or a couple of girls together, far outnumber the guys by themselves. At least in tents. Also, tents far out number any other type of camping unit. In one way, that does not surprise me - it is the cheapest form of camping there is. It is definitely interesting to see who is camping and what they are camping in.

The weather today was fabulous - in the mid 80's and clear. We had a slight breeze and it made the day just about perfect! Everyone was outside doing things - fishing, reading, riding bikes, hiking, or just taking a nap outside in their lawn chairs. I even spent some time outside with Dan and also at our neighbors talking to Judy.

Speaking of Judy - she fixed a breakfast casserole this morning and had us over before work. She said that she was fixing a new dish and she wanted to use us as guinea pigs. Well, she can do that any time she would like - it was wonderful! Plus she had fresh homemade lite wheat bread and fresh homemade strawberry jam - YUMMY! We left from their unit to go to work. That is one of the nice things about camping and being a host - you meet the nicest people!

These are pictures of the first flowers that have bloomed in trees - I though at first they were going to be dogwood, but I don't think they are - they could be a pink dogwood, but I thought that dogwood only had four petals and some of these have five. So, I'm not sure - but it sure is pretty. Plus, it budded out yesterday morning and today the flowers are fully opened. If this isn't a dogwood - we still haven't seen any of them yet. Of course, all the trees around are starting to sprout leaves - it won't be long until all the trees will be covered.
Tomorrow morning I have to be the Easter bunny - Dan will make sure and take my picture after I am all made up - I might have him take the camera with us over to the Lodge and take some pictures when I am with the kids - it should be a hoot - and I'm sure it will give everyone a big laugh.
Oh, the first picture on tonight blog's I took yesterday at Amicola Falls - it is the plaque that states that the AT starts there - so I thought I would take a picture of it - that is probably the closest I will ever get to walking on the AT so I wanted a little memory (very little - LOL!)
I'll close for tonight - hope you guys have had a great week. Oh, one more thing before I sign off - I want to wish my son-in-law Justin a very Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! (I won't say how old he is going to be, but he's catching up with me -Ha!Ha!) Take care everyone and ----
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!


  1. I'm really enjoying your journal accounts. Your description of the emergence of spring in your area really makes me wish I were there. Of course, spring in Lakeland is nice, too. The azaleas are in full bloom and the sounds of mowers, edgers, and blowers leave little doubt that the local neighborhood is getting its yards back in shape after a grueling winter. Isn't the lodge there the one that has all the beautiful quilts displayed? If so, a picture of them would be nice. Keep up the good work. I can hardly wait for your account of your trip to Alaska.

  2. Thanks Dennis - glad to know that you are still with me - That's a good idea about taking pictures of the quilts - I'll see if I can do that in the next day or two - today will the the Easter Bunny!!!! Stayed tuned for pictures.


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