Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Farewell to Don and Judy

Tonight we went up to Ann and John's camp spot for a "farewell" party for the camp hosts that are parked right next to us - they were suppose to leave on the Friday after we leave on Monday. However, we found out tonight that they are going to stay until the first of June - they are going to go up to their place in Tennessee for a week (I think) then come back and finish the month of May. So, while we had their farewell dinner tonight they will be back - so they will get to have another one in May!

Actually, the meal was very good tonight - Ann fixed pulled pork and a salad along with a dessert with strawberries. Very good. The girls sat around and talked and LAUGHED while the guys sat around the fire pit and talked. I don't know what they talked about but it sure wasn't as funny as what we did because we laughed our fool heads off! A good time.

Also today, Faye and Woody came down from Franklin for a nice visit. They got here this morning around 9:30 and stayed until after lunch. We went up to the Lodge and ate - once again I had the soup and salad bar while Dan had the full buffet. That's okay - we won't get to have it again - well, maybe Sunday night. It depends on what time we get home from Loganville.

We also went into town and mailed a couple of things - a birthday card and a little something to one of our friends down in Florida. Then we went to the mill and picked up some porridge for Dan and some rolled oats and some whole wheat bread flour. I hope that this will be enough - although Judy said if we need more she will go down and ship it to us. I'm sure Dan will remember that IF we run out.

We work in the morning and then will leave for Loganville and 'the' birthday party. It will be nice to see some of the kids before we head off on the GREAT adventure. I'll fill you in on all the party doings this week.

I'm sure we have to do some shopping while we are in Atlanta - but I'll keep you posted on all that as the time comes. I'm going to sign off for now and go to bed - after all, I have to get up in the morning. Hope you guys are having a good week, and ----------------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow from Loganville!!!!

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