Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here comes the Easter Bunny!

Today I was the Easter Bunny - I know, go ahead and laugh - everyone did. Well, I should restate that sentence- all the adults did - the kids seemed to like the bunny.
You can see that Dan did a pretty good job on the make-up and the costume wasn't that bad - and to tell you the truth - I really think it went well. At least none of the kids cried when I was around!

This was just before the kids were released to start the hunt. The good thing was they had the field divided into three age groups and the kids really did a good job of staying with the age group they were suppose to be in. In fact, I was impressed overall with the kids and the parents.

This was the kids in the craft area - before the hunt the kids made Easter baskets with milk jugs - the kids were even good at doing this - they didn't make a mess or anything - like I said I was impressed!

This is the first time this little girl had seen the Easter Bunny - or for that matter any of the "creatures" of holidays. At first, she just stared at me - but then after a few minutes she was laughing and pointing at me. It was a fun moment. I'm just glad that the day is over.
Tomorrow we are going to go in to Franklin to go to our church. I'm not sure what we will do about lunch but I'm really not worried about it - if nothing else we will take a sandwich with us for lunch. Don and Judy said that they will come over and let the puppies out so we don't have to take them with us. That is a good thing. Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Dan and I wish you and all of your a very Happy Easter! Remember the reason for Easter is NOT the Easter bunny but the resurrection of our Jesus Christ.
Talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. You did good, madam! I'm glad to hear the kids and adults were so well behaved. And the reason for any season, is still Jesus. Let us never forget.

  2. A wonderful Bunny. Thank you for the pictures - we were looking forward to seeing you.


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