Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to call this one???

Today was pretty much a wash out - it rained almost all day and to top it all off I had a headache! We did go to a host meeting this morning and we got our 100 hour pins for our service along with a certificate for 5 free nights of camping in a Georgia park (that's a nice thing). I made a few suggestions for the campground - not sure if they will follow up, but at least I made the suggestion.

After we came home I took some pills - put my eye thing on and promptly fell asleep - so I spent the rest of the day sleeping on and off. Finally tonight the headache is gone and I'm feeling much, much better!!!!

I did help Dan for a little while outside today - between naps - He wanted to clean the roof of the unit and the awnings over the slides. So, even though it was raining (not hard at that time) I went out with him and watched him up on the roof. The whole time I was scared to death - I mean it's raining and he's up on the roof about 12 foot high. Anyway, he got the roof clean and I helped him down - yes, I made sure that each of his feet where on the rungs of the ladder. Anyway, he got down and I came back in and went back to sleep.

I sent Dan down to the Lodge for him to eat dinner - I ate a bowl of cereal about 8:00 - I thought he would have the soup and salad (like he does when I'm with him), but no, he decides to have the entire buffet. I have no idea how much he ate, but he said they had catfish. Oh well, at least he had dinner.

Well, for someone who didn't have anything to talk about I sure have run on and on. Hope you guys are having a good week and -------------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!


  1. Everytime you get a headache I almost get one too just remembering the migraines I used to get. Mine were hormonal so ... no more hormones no more headaches. I'm not sure it's a good trade off!

  2. Time is getting close for the beginning of your wonderful trip to Alaska. We look forward to hearing about your journey. It is hard to believe the time has come. The picture of the sleeper on the tree limb - so cute. Be safe.


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