Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What to say???

Today was a day to get some last minute things done - we worked this morning - BORING!!! Not a lot going on - I think I had about $11.72 in sales - not exactly burning up the cash register! Dan brought me a sandwich to the store so we wouldn't have to take time after work to eat. When we got off work at 1:00 we came home, let the pups out, and then decided to take them with us on our little jaunt to Gainesville.

Jumped in the truck and about a hour later we were at the Pet Smart in Gainesville - we bought the girls two bags of food, but we will need to buy at least four more bags to last the entire time we will be gone over the summer - but that's okay - the pups are used to a certain type of food and we will make sure that they have their food.

After we left the pet store we went down to the Camper's World that was about 10 miles down the road. Dan wanted to look at some stuff and we ended up walking out with almost $400.00 worth of stuff - Okay, let's inventory. First of all, did I tell you he broke his outside cot?? Well, he did, so he wanted to get a couple of those "anti-gravity" chairs in the extra large size. (He figured I needed the larger one because of the dogs - which is so true because Sam jumped in the chair beside me when we got home!) We also picked up the chocks that fit between the two tires to see if that will help with the "rocking" of the unit. Anyway, we got the stuff that Dan wanted and then we headed home - after we made a quick stop at the Donut Shop.

Well, after getting home I fixed dinner - well Dan did cook the chops on the grill along with a couple of chicken breasts - chops, new potatoes, green beans. Yummy! Tomorrow we plan on going into Franklin for a little while - probably try to go by and see Faye and Woody (they are suppose to be back up in Franklin now). I'll let you know tomorrow.

Well, that's it for tonight - hope everyone is having a good week - and remember, you made it through 'hump' day! Take care everyone - Oh - Dana, Good luck on your interview tomorrow - we know you are going to do FANTASTIC!!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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  1. We have the metal chocks that go between the wheels and they do help. Sometimes you have to let the tires cool before they fit in though. Just a heads up for Dan. Way to Scofield Road when you are in Franklin.


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