Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in Franklin

This morning we went into Franklin to church - what a wonderful day! We saw so many of our friends at church and the service was fabulous! We were so blessed to be able to go into Franklin and be with our church family. Dan and I have both talked about how much at home we feel when we are in Franklin and at our church. We have tried other churches but none have the right feeling - it's hard to describe, but the very first time we walked into Holly Springs Baptist Church almost eight years ago I told Dan that I felt like I had found 'home'. It was still that way today.

One of our friends at church, which also used to be one of our neighbors in the Vista, asked us to come back to their house for Easter dinner. They were having a few people in from the neighborhood and wanted us to join them. So, we did. What wonderful food and fellowship. It was so nice to be back in the "old" neighborhood amongst friends. Anita and Bill are such welcoming people and they always have such wonderful fellowship at their home.

The first picture above was while we were filling our plates with mouth watering ham, candied sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, fruit salad, slaw, and rolls. What a spread!!!

This is one of our friends who was in the Real Estate business with me - he didn't work in the same office, but we were still friends. He is still in the business and we had a nice conversation about how things are going in this economy - it is going to take a while yet for the market to recover. Things are NOT going to turn around this year and probably not next year either. Plus, Franklin is really a second home market - not a whole lot of people live in Franklin year round - and in this economy, most people can not afford to have a second home. It will take awhile before things change for the better.

Another picture of some of the guests at Bill and Anita's - I guess all together there were nine of us. It was a good time and hopefully, we will be able to be together again in the future.

Now, I couldn't leave Bill and Anita's without taking a picture of Topper - Anita made him go outside while we were eating, but he didn't leave the sliding screen door. He is a little older now (aren't we all) then he was when we lived in the Vista and he doesn't get around as easily, but he still is a sweetheart. (Dan and I used to pick him up on the road where he would want to go visit another neighbor and their dog- the only problem was it was about a mile away, so we would pick him up and take him back home - such fun memories!)
Tomorrow we have to go to work - and it is an eleven to three day - so at least we don't have to get up early (YEAH!). After we get home from work we'll grab the pups and head down to Loganville for the next couple of days. We want to make sure we have all the details of the party worked out along with doing a couple of things for Mom around her house. I also want to get my nails done (it's been a couple of weeks), then I'll get them done one more time before we hit the road at the end of the month. It will keep us busy for the next few days.
I hope that you all had a fabulous Easter and that you remembered the reason we celebrate this day - Have a fabulous week ahead (sorry all of you that have to go back to work tomorrow - Spring Break is over, but that puts you closer to the end of the school year! Just hang on to that thought!) Oh, and Crystal, Lent is over so you can get back on line and make comments on the blog - I'll look forward to hearing from you!
Oh, one more thing before I sign off --------
This is what my fabulous husband thought of my taking pictures today .....................

Isn't that cute!!! (NOT, but I love him anyway!)
I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Carol, I think you were the cutest Easter bunny! There's a whole new career for you now! We had a wonderful and interesting Easter. Kara and I spent the afternoon in the emergency room with Nolan. He fell and had to have stitches in his chin. We were blessed because it could have been a lot worse. Enjoy the time with your Mother.
    Darrell and Linda

  2. i remember topper. he used to walk up that mountain and around those windy roads like he was a person. he does look a lot grayer in the face, but as you said, don't we all...

  3. I'm so happy your Easter turned out so nice. Such serendipity! Did you go by Scofield Road? Good luck with the birthday party plans.

  4. Linda - so glad that Nolan wasn't hurt any worse then he was. I'm sure it made your Easter interesting!

    Crystal - glad to see you back on the blog - I've missed you! You can always go back and let me know what you think on past posts!

    Donna - no we didn't get by Scofield Road - didn't have time since we didn't take the dogs with us. Maybe next time.


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