Friday, April 16, 2010


Okay - so no men in the tub, but Dan is in the shower - does that count??? Okay - the reason I called the blog what I did was because it was cleaning day - that was after a quick trip to Wal Mart - but let's begin at the beginning.

First, Dan decided that he wanted to fix breakfast outside this morning - so, he fixed bacon, eggs, and toast on the grill and it was YUMMY! Of course, just about anytime I don't have to cook it's yummy! While he cleaned up the dishes (yes, folks, he even washes dishes!) I made the bed and got ready to go to "town". Okay, we just went to Wal Mart, but that is in town. We wanted to pick up some things so I could finish organizing the pantry - so you have the picture above. Everything is in airtight containers and labeled so that should help with any "bug" problem that might arise and helps to keep me organized too! Plus, I like how neat it looks.

Then it was time to clean - bathroom, kitchen, floors, dust, vacuum, the whole nine yards - I also did two loads of laundry. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all I did today - also got some stuff ready to go in the mail - we got the first bill from Dan's stay in the hospital over Christmas and I wanted to pay it before someone changed their mind -I'll pay $55 for a 7 day stay in the hospital (well, actually this was the doctor's bill )- and that's all we owed after medicare and our private insurance paid. I don't think that was bad. I got a summary from BCBS and according to the summary we don't owe the hospital anything. We'll see!

I fixed dinner tonight - just using up some stuff we had in the pantry and using the grilled chicken breasts that Dan fixed the other day on the grill - trying to be cost efficient!

Tomorrow we start our three days in a row of working - afternoon tomorrow, morning on Sunday, and the whole day on Monday (it's a short day - just 11 - 3). Then we only have one more day to work - Thursday and we will be through here. That is so difficult for me to believe - it seems like it was just yesterday we pulled into the park and now we are about ready to leave.

I hope that you all had a good work week - Sometimes I don't think our kids read the blog - I can't believe no one made any comment about the cabin - oh well! You guys take care and ----

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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