Monday, April 26, 2010

Day one of the Great Adventure

Well, the adventure has begun. I was surprised that Dan actually slept in this morning and we did not get up until 7:30. I immediately jumped in the shower while Dan turned the coffee on. After I got ready, made the bed, poured the pot of coffee into the thermos, and then finished putting everything away. By 9 this morning we were ready to pull out. We told Don and Judy that we would see them soon (no goodbyes here!), said a prayer together, and then we were away.

Everything went just fine until it was time to stop and get fuel. Dan pulled out his credit card, the one we always use, and it said it was expired - no way, this card is good until 2011, but it wouldn't go through - so thank goodness I had my card - which we used. About twenty minutes later we stopped at a rest area to let the pups out and have lunch. As we were getting back into the truck we got a phone call from the security department of the Dan's credit card. Come to find out the credit union, who issued our card, has changed provider. They mailed us a new card about a week ago, but we haven't gotten mail from the mail service for a couple of weeks - so the bottom line is - no new card. So, we can't use our Visa card and will have to use the Master Card. We will call the mail service and have them send our mail to the place we are going to stay in Great Falls, Montana and everything will be fine. There always has to be some kind of problem - but we have been able to overcome all of them so far - lets just hope that we can keep doing that.

Now, we were able to get to Grand River, Kentucky today - which is on the north side of Land Between the Lakes. We will be able to make into Sam A. Baker State Park early tomorrow afternoon. We will spend a couple of days there and I promise to take some pictures of this area - actually we will be going into Fredicktown which is where Dan spent some of his childhood years. He has a lot of great memories and we will visit all his childhood haunts and also go out to the cemetery to visit his parents graves.

I'm going to sign off for tonight - I don't know why, but I'm bushed - all I did was sit and hold the pups. Anyway, so far all is going well (except the little credit card snafu, but it could be worse!). Hope you all had a good Monday - oh, Dana, Happy Birthday!!!! Take care all and --------------

We'll talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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  1. Hey! Where's Day 2, 3 and 4??? We're all waiting.


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