Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Been "A Rainy Day in Georgia"

It rained almost all day here - I think it rained in the entire southeast. At the store today I worked on getting inventory priced and put out. We got a new shipment of sweatshirts in about a week ago and no one has taken the time to price them (plus we didn't have the inventory sheets). Anyway, today I worked on getting them priced. I also put a couple on display - two of the adult sizes and two of the youth sizes. I let the afternoon host know that all the adult shirts were sized and organized in the storeroom and I almost had all the youth sizes done - I'll finish them tomorrow afternoon on my next shift (if we aren't busy).

Our friends from Dowling Park got in today - it was sure good to see them. We sat and talked for a while - then went up to the Lodge to eat dinner. When we were ready to leave the power went out in the Lodge (actually all over the entire park). So, when we got back to the park we stayed outside and sat around the campfire - until it started raining again. I think Bud and Joyce were tired so they went back to their camper and we came inside. We will meet in the morning around 9 and then go into Helen and look around.

I think that I will sign off for tonight - I hope that your week has gone well (the first one back from Spring Break - but it's one closer to summer vacation!). Take care everyone and --------

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!


  1. Were you working off your battery or did the power come back on? I bet you have the gift shop looking great!

  2. Power came back on after about an hour!


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